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Virtual Exchange and COIL

Teaching Innovation Network

The Teaching Innovation Network on Virtual Exchange and COIL was created in the 2020-2021 academic year as a result of the growing interest in virtual exchange and the opportunities it opens, both for students and teachers, for online international collaboration.

This network was also created in response to the promotion of internationalisation at home, at the University of Girona, through the #UdG Global internationalization strategy approved by the Governing Council at the beginning of 2020.

Its members are teaching staff who have already carried out virtual exchange activities, or who are in the process of designing and creating collaborative online learning activities. There are members from all faculties and also from the Modern Language Service.

Members Department
Alícia Betts Avila General Manager's Office
Natàlia Ferrer Roca Organisation, Business Management and Product Design
Francesc Fusté Forné Business
Laura Gimeno Pahissa Specific Didactics
Beatriz López Ibañez Electrical, Electronic and Automatic Engineering
Joaquim Majó Fernández Organisation, Business Management and Product Design
Lino Montoro Moreno Mechanical and Industrial Construction Engineering
Joaquim Naval Navarro Economics
Dankmute Pohl ICE and Modern Language Service
Ignasi Rodriguez-Roda Layret Chemical Engineering, Agriculture and Agricultural Technology
Jordi Serra Simon Philology and Communication
Maria Elisa Varela Rodríguez History and Art History
Maria Dolors Vidal Casellas History and Art History
Konstantina Zerva Business
Marta Roqueta Vall-llosera Nursing
Collaborators Department, unit, studies
Miquel Alsina Tarrés Specific Didactics
Helena Benito Mundet Economics
Anna Bonmatí Tomàs Nursing
Annabel Fernández Córdoba Specific Didactics
Aida Fuentes Picazo Philology and Communication
Juan González Martínez Education
Pilar Morera Basuldo Economics
Óscar Prieto Flores Education
Mònica Puntí Brun Philology and Communication
Elena Rondós Casas Business
Joan Solé-Pla Economics
Marc Yeste Oliveras Biology

Coordination: Konstantina Zerva

Secretary: Alícia Betts

COIL Minimum Criteria

  • 25 hours (distributed in at least 3 weeks / joint work sessions and collaborative work) with intercultural learning component included.
  • 8-10 contact hours between teachers and students.
  • 10 hours of student dedication doing collaborative work.
  • The experience / activity must be assessable (either a final work or the sum of activities: ice-breaker + collaborative activity + final reflection).
  • The activity must be included in the subject record.
  • Student participation in COIL activities is voluntary and therefore an alternative activity should be offered. However, the Virtual Exchange TIN and COIL recommends it is mandatory for the proper functioning of the activity.
  • No minimum number of students.

Virtual exchange minimum criteria

  • A total of 5 hours dedication from the student (with or without a teacher) but must include a synchronous session.
  • The activity may, or may not, be assessable. The Virtual Exchange TIN and COIL recommend it is assessable not just for facilitating recognition but also for encouraging student motivation.
  • It must appear in the subject record. If it cannot be added at the end of the course, the record must be amended a posteriori.
  • There is no need to define a minimum number of students.
  • The activity does not need to include collaborative work.

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