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The role of the tutor in Problem-Based Learning

Introduction. Although the literature on Problem-Based Learning (ABP) indicates that this learning strategy is implemented in various ways, the Faculty of Medicine of the UdG is implementing a modality of ABP that is congruent with the basic, essential elements of how it was conceived in its original version. The Faculty of Medicine carries out a Teacher Training Program organised and coordinated by the UEM. This program consists of several activities designed to improve teachers’ educational competence so that their teaching is effective for student learning.

Teacher qualification in the role of the tutor in ABP forms part of the training program. This activity is implemented in the form of workshops with the objective of assisting teachers that are familiar themselves with ABP but who have no experience as tutors, in order to develop skills related to this role.

Description of the activity . The workshops are carried out in small groups and provide teachers with the opportunity to practice the role of tutor with students in tutorial sessions specifically designed for training. Participants receive comments on their performance as facilitator of the training from the students and from peer observers; these comments are based exclusively on whether their interventions have facilitated students learning or not.

The role of the students in these tutorial simulations is to explore a situation or problem illustrating how this has to be done in ABP, in line with the instructions they received in the informative session.

For students interested in taking part...

Obtaining academic recognition credits. The hours the student needs for this activity are 13 hours per workshop. This includes the time required for the informative session, the hours of the tutorial sessions and the outside-class study time between sessions.

1 academic recognition credit is obtained through the certification of 25 hours of the activity. Six credits at most can be recognised. If the number of hours for recognition does nor reach the minimum of 25, they will count towards the following course.

Participation Students interested in taking part in these activities must contact the coordinator of educational teacher training, Lluís Ramió Torrentà (lluis.ramiot@udg.edu). The coordinator will select from the students interested in taking part in the training based on their acceptance of ABP as a learning strategy, their understanding of this educational strategy and their acceptance and understanding of the role of the tutor as a facilitator of learning in accordance with the criteria established by the UEM.

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