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UdG Medicine began in the year 2008, with the aim of offering medical-degree training in Girona’s counties, with a vocation that is innovative in learning, ambitious in values and strongly rooted in the public and universal, international and solidarity health system.

We can presently say we have managed to:

  • consolidate a unique methodology, based on the ABP and small-group work, centred on educating a student capable of guaranteeing the performance of a task, qualified, working and with critical thinking.
  • an ambitious centre committed to disseminating and highlighting collaborative work, generosity and capacity to share ideas, purposes and responsibilities with others, values that remain cross-disciplinary throughout the academic activities, and not purely academic, during the bachelor's degree
  • steadily intensify the research and application of the scientific methodology in the learning of our holders of a bachelor's degree and the education continued in its professional exercise.
  • Strengthen students’ contributions, in several events, to the promotion of human rights, with special attention to equality, respect and democratic values.

All in all it is the result of joint work carried out by students, teaching staff and administrative staff, with a single goal: to give back to society what society has invested in their education.

In short, training efficient professionals who can offer maximum-quality assistance and a human touch.

Our graduates are people of the future and for the future, ready to find out how to manage information and turn it into knowledge, to work in a team with the system’s other professionals, to meet and understand people with illnesses in the context of their socio-economic and emotional situation, to manage their health.

As a matter of fact, we fully agree with what says Ben Hecht in Harvard Business Review: “Collaboration is the new Competition”. “You have an obligation to share what you learn — both the results and the methods for achieving them”.

Thank you

Dr. Joan San, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine


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