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Donating your body to science

To all donors of bodies to science

The Donation Service is once again accepting the donation of people's bodies to science. Such acceptance is subject to confirmation of absence of coronavirus infection, along with the other established illnesses which prevent donations from being accepted.

We want to once again express our gratitude to you for the gesture of donating your body. 

Study of anatomy

Anatomy is essential knowledge for doctors and all health sciences professionals.  Its study is indispensable not just during their basic educational training but afterwards too, throughout their professional practice. Research in anatomy also enables us to make scientific advances in the foundations of diagnoses and to improve treatments, by helping to update medicine and bring about overall progress in science.

A person’s decision to donate their body to education and research is a gesture of great generosity. It represents a very important contribution for making progress in knowledge and improving medical care for patients, to the benefit of society as a whole.

How I can donate my body

Donation is a voluntary, personal and totally altruistic act. Under no circumstances does the donor receive financial compensation for their donation.
To make the donation you must:

  • Be an adult.
  • In full command of your mental faculties
  • The donation must be made in person

With the aim of facilitating the processing of the Registration to donate your body to science and to be able to attend to you with the utmost attention and dedication, we recommend that you contact us to agree on the day and time 

  • By telephone       972 41 96 38
  • By email  serveidedonacio@udg.edu

Our staff will explain what a donation involves, answer any questions you may have and send you the necessary Application form for donating your body to science, a document you will need to sign. 

Necessary documentation

  •  Application form for donating your body to science* filled in and signed
  • *Our staff will provide you with this form

  • Photocopy of your national ID card
  • Photocopy of your health card

  • Your application will be validated once it has been signed by the member of the teaching staff responsible for the service. Once it is signed, your application will enter the University of Girona’s Archives of body donors to science.

What documents they will receive

As supporting documents of your application's registration with the Archive of donors we will send you:

  • Copy of your validated application form for donating your to science
  • Donor card

Reasons for not accepting a donation

  • Accidental death or any reason requiring an autopsy
  • Documentation detailing any infectious/ contagious diseases that the donor is known to be affected by, such as VHB,HIV,VHC, COVID 19, typhus, cholera, yellow fever or tuberculosis, 
  • Morbid obesity
  • Not being registered with the Body Donation Service of the UdG
  • The Faculty of Medicine also reserves the right to refuse a donation for logistical reasons

At the time of death

  • When a donor dies, their family or the person responsible will have to contact the funeral services at the deceased’s town and state that they are a body donor for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Girona; the funeral services will then inform them of the documents they will have to produce.
  • Once the administrative formalities are completed, the funeral service will move the body to our facilities.
  • The Faculty of Medicine will one bear the transport expenses if the death occurred within the city or counties of Girona. Any additional expenses (death certificate and other expenses) must be paid by the family of the donor.
  • If requested by the family or the person responsible, a donor admission certificate will be issued by our service.
  • The Faculty of Medicine reserves the right to refuse a donation for logistical reasons of the service or under any of the exclusion criteria.

How to withdraw your donation

To revoke your decision on donating your body you can contact us:

  • By telephone      + 34 972 41 96 38
  • By email  serveidedonacio@udg.edu

  • We will send you the Form for revoking your body to science, which you will have to return to us filled in and signed.
  • Once that form has been signed, you will be removed from the Archive of body donors to science.
  • We recommend you return your donor card to us or destroy it.

Where to find us

Donation Service
Faculty of Medicine - University of Girona
C/ Emili Grahit, 77
17003 Girona 
Tel. 972 41 96 38

Mornings (Mondays to Fridays) from 9 am to 2 pm.
Afternoons (Mondays to Thursdays) Arrange an appointment.

On behalf of all the members of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Girona, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people who are concerned about the future of medical education and research, leading them to make this generous donation.

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