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Medicine Sciences Students Association.

What is the AECS?

The Medicine Sciences Students Association is a university student association of social, scientific and cultural outlook. A non-profit, non-political, youth service provider, within the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Health of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands (ACMSCB) and the Andorran Science Society (SAC).

In the AECS, we aim to deepen the knowledge of the reality of health in the territorial area, regions and countries from all over the world, collaborating, giving support to the cultural, scientific and social development of regions with the entities and associations that work for the promotion of health and the scientific and educational quality of those. We also want to encourage collaboration with other associations and state and international societies, representing it as a differentiated entity.

Our association nowadays is present in the 4 Catalan provinces and 6 of the 7 universities in our territory (UAB, UB, UPF, UdG, UdL, URV) and we bring together students of medicine, biology, biotechnology, physiotherapy, nutrition, human biology, etc. We are divided into 4 territorial sections corresponding to the 4 provinces, and 6 working groups dealing with different themes:

  • Clinical exchanges
  • Research group
  • National Placements and medical education
  • Group of Public Health
  • Group of reproductive Health and AIDS
  • Group of Human Rights and Peace

If you want to receive more information about the territorial section of AECS in Girona, send us an email at aecsgirona@gmail.com or to presidencia.girona@aecs.org

You can also find information on our website www.aecs.org.

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