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Bachelor’s Thesis

(Bachelor's thesis)

The Bachelor's Thesis (TFG) of the Nursing course involves students conducting a project, study, report or work related to nursing science in which the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies required during the Bachelor’s degree course are applied and developed.

Students are required to gain 12 credits (equal to 300 hours) during the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing course. The body responsible for overseeing the organisation and proper functioning of the theses is the Bachelor's Thesis Commission for Nursing courses.

In terms of planning the Bachelor's Thesis, since 2013-2014 students in the third year of the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing have been offered an information session on the Bachelor’s Thesis at the end of the second semester. At the start of the fourth year, students again receive more extensive information and the specific steps to follow to execute and pass the Bachelor's Thesis to the highest level of quality.

Bachelor's Thesis Regulations