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Advancing the call for completing studies

Bachelor's and master's degree studies

Procedure in the PS

Submission period
The submission period will be the one on the administrative calendar of the EPS. For this procedure you can consult the Academic information section / Calendars and timetables / Administrative Calendar of the PS website
Documentation to submit
Application form It must be submitted through the Procedures section found in the student's online file. The student must start the procedure by clicking on "Request to the administration", choosing the option "Evaluation and grading", and then submitting the  Request for Early Evaluation document, specifying the subject(s) for which the early evaluation is being requested.
Decision and notification
Once the request has been processed and the procedure has been completed, the student will receive the resolution electronically. Students will receive an email warning and they must accept the notification to find out if the decision is positive or negative. If they are granted the right to have the marking period brought forward they will have to look at the approved examinations calendar (students’ portal or the PS website - section Academic Information/Calendars and Timetables/Timetables of classed and Examinations Calendar). Likewise, the resolution will be posted in the procedures section, in the "completed" tab of the student's online file.
In order to be able to request this early evaluation students must have enrolled for all the credits required to complete their studies, including academic recognition credits and pending credits, with the exception of the bachelor’s thesis and external internships, up to a maximum of 30 credits. The student must have been enrolled during the previous academic year, and not have passed (either because they obtained a fail grade, did not take the exam or the exam was cancelled). The decision may still be revoked if the student applies to renounce their extraordinary call, provided they do so before the established deadline.

General procedure

Who can make this request?
Students who have enrolled in all the credits necessary to complete their studies and who have one or more subjects pending (with the exception of final work and external internships) for a maximum value of 30 credits can apply. They must have been enrolled during the previous academic year, and not have passed (either because they obtained a fail grade, did not take the exam or the exam was cancelled). Accreditation of the third language will not be taken into account to be granted the exceptional call.
Students must enrol for these subjects in the ordinary way and later request the extraordinary call. The advanced assessment will consist of a summarised test in which only and exclusively the learning outcomes defined in the subject for the previous academic year will be assessed.
Documentation that must be submitted
Standard application form (original and copy).
Place to submit the application
The application must be submitted online, through the UdG Online Secretary's Office.
Submission period
The deadline for applications is stated on the calendar of each teaching institution, within the period established in the framework calendar.
Resolution, notification and effects
The body competent to deal with requests is, in the case of the teaching given at educational centres integrated with the University of Girona, the dean or director of these centres and, in the case of education given at centres affiliated or linked to the University of Girona, the delegated dean or director.
Once the procedure has been completed, the student will receive an electronic notification with a link to the resolution of the application.
Students who have requested an early final evaluation will not lose the right to attend ordinary classes in the subjects they are enrolled in, but they will not be entitled to a re-evaluation in subjects that have already been assessed in the same academic year.
The resolution does not represent the end of the administrative process. An appeal may be lodged with the Rector of the University against the resolution within a period of one month following the day of the notification, in accordance with the provisions of articles 121 and in accordance with Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on common administrative procedure for public administrations.
Regulations governing student evaluation and grading processes (article 20)

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