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Calonge-St. Antoni Chair of Gastronomy, Culture and Tourism

The Chair

Gastronomy, Culture and Tourism

The creation of the Calonge-Sant Antoni Chair of Gastronomy, Culture and Tourism aims to equip the University of Girona with a international centre of reference, in the world of academia, in the field of gastronomy and its connections to culture and tourism.

It is indisputable that gastronomy has put Girona region on the map. As a result, one of the main purposes of the Chair is linked to this fact, with a view to connecting the University of Girona to this area, making this impact felt, as well as facilitating academic analysis to offer new research perspectives and disseminate knowledge.

In this sense, the aim is to develop the bond between gastronomy, cultures and tourism. Culture and gastronomy have always had a two-way relationship, with a mutual influence on one another. The evolution of cultural changes is one of the factors that have guided the evolution of cuisine, with the development of new culinary techniques, the production of foods as well as their culinary exploitation all being catalysts of cultural evolution. In recent decades, gastronomy (as is the case of other cultural expressions) has been a very important catalyst for tourism. And Girona is a good example given the world fame obtained by a number of its restaurants. In addition to these aspects are two very important factors: on the one hand, the commitment of the management team at UdG to making Girona a hub in the Mediterranean. This objective is easily framed as part of a proposal for connecting gastronomy with Mediterranean cultures. And, on the other hand, the existence at our university of national and international tourism studies in this area.

All the above has resulted in the creation of this Chair. However, to achieve this, the commitment of Calonge-Sant Antoni Town Council and its Mayor, Mr Jordi Soler, has been critical, making the project its own from the outset and having committed basic funding.


The main objective of the GCT Chair is to promote studies that overlap the three pillars of gastronomy, culture and tourism, as well as the dissemination of this knowledge, to a specialist audience as well as to citizens in general. This general objective combines with the will of the University of Girona to position itself internationally as a point of reference in this field, thus strengthening bonds with arts, tourism or technological studies applied to food.

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