Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences

Bachelor's thesis (TFG)

The bachelor's thesis (TFG) is a comprehensive monograph or essay (approach, argumentation and conclusions) on an aspect of a scientific discipline.

The objective of the TFG is to communicate, in an organised, formal, clear and precise way, the results or conclusions reached in the study of a topic, in addition to the methodology that has been used, the process followed, the documentation consulted, etc.

The TFG/TFM is mostly managed through an application created for this purpose.

The whole process from the choice of tutor, to the presentation of the TFG on paper to the tutor and panel’s evaluation of the thesis will be managed by means of this application.

The TFG must be carried out with maximum rigour, it must have a structure and argumentation suitable for the topic being developed and it must be suitably presented. The paper will have a maximum of 8,000 words of text without counting tables, graphs or images. Only materials compiled by the students themselves can be included as appendices.

A reproduction of the TFG poster will be included at the end of this summary.

Posters are a very effective means of transmitting information and assessing the author’s capacity for synthesis. The poster should include the TFG title, a description of the TFG carried out and the main conclusions. The graphic communication has to help towards the understanding of the content. Do not forget to put your name and surnames and the Bachelor's Degree you are studying (CIF, ADE.....). You can check the “templates poster ppxt” on the internet, which can help you with the image. The poster size should be A2, on standard paper or cardboard. There’s no need to cover it with plastic protection.

The Faculty has compiled a guide to be used as a tool to help students do the TFG well.