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This is the unit of the UdG that brings together those involved in the university’s R+D+i activity (research groups, departments, university research institutes and other research centres of the UdG or centres in which the UdG participates) and external research centres (Catalan research institutes, hospitals, and so on) and its basic purpose is the organisation of the doctoral studies.

The School of Doctoral Studies (ED) implements the policies that emanate from the strategic plan of the university, especially in the areas of attracting and educating talent, searching for excellence in research and internationalisation.

The main mission of the ED is to be both an organisational and an academic model for doctoral studies which guarantees quality in its academic offer and efficiency in management, and that fosters excellence in research and collaboration with other universities and external research centres, both national and international, with the aim of consolidating the UdG as a benchmark for training researchers.

Miquel Solà Puig
Director of the School of Doctoral Studies