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The objective of the Industrial Doctoral Degrees Plan promoted by the Government of Catalonia is to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalisation of Catalan industry, to reinforce the instruments for attracting the talent the country generates and to place future doctors in positions where they can develop R+D+I projects in a company.

The essential element of the industrial doctoral degree process is the research project of thecompany or institution where the doctoral student is developing their research training in collaboration with a university or research centre, which is the object of a doctoral thesis. From an administrative point of view, the industrial doctoral degrees are treated like any other type of doctoral degree. Candidates must enrol on a doctoral programme under the same conditions as a standard doctoral degree. The differences are:

  • The thesis is developed within the framework of a research project between a company and a university.
  • Company and university have to establish a 3-year collaboration agreement (>3 years in the case of specific grants).
  • The candidate must be selected jointly by the company and the university: a minimum mark of 1.6 in the academic record and the research group must be designated as a Recognised Research Group by the Government of Catalonia (SGR). (Not applicable in the case of the specific grants).
  • The student’s time is shared between the company and the university.
  • The Government of Catalonia subsidises 30 hours of first year common specific transversal education.
  • The public prices and doctoral degree enrolment fees are 100% subsidised by the Government of Catalonia. (Not applicable in the case of the specific grants).
  • A subsidy is planned for the company to coordinate the project, where applicable. (Not applicable in the case of the specific grants).
  • In the case of the specific grants, the Tecnio and Cerca technology centres can act as “companies”.

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Recognition of Industrial Doctoral Degree projects outside the official call

This proposal aims to establish the requirements so that doctoral theses read out outside the call for Industrial Doctoral Degrees of the Generalitat de Catalunya can be recognised and publicised at the same level as projects developed under the auspices of the call of the Generalitat de Catalunya. This recognition is not official and is compatible with the Industrial Mention in the doctoral degree that may be awarded by universities is regulated by Royal Decree 195/2016.

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