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Bachelor's degree students

Enrolling on a bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Arts


Enrolment calendar

The online enrolment program will open according to the student’s transcript status:

  • For students with 72 credits or fewer remaining to complete their degree, and who have passed all their subjects, the online enrolment programme will be open from 9 to 30 July.
  • For students with 72 credits or fewer </g>remaining to complete their degree and who have not passed some of their subjects, the online enrolment programme will be open from 11 to 30 July.
  • For students with more than 72 credits remaining to completetheir degree and all the subjects passed in June, the online enrolment programme will be open from 18 to 30 July.
  • Other students with no grades in September: 24 to 30 July
  • For students who obtain September grades, the enrolment period will be from 5 to 18 September.
  • Special period for everybody: from 5 to 18 September
  • Extraordinary periods for enrolments with problems from 1 - 2 October (in person at the academic secretary's office)

Place of enrolment

Students previously enrolled in the same course at the University of Girona can complete online enrolment from any computer with an internet connection (even one that does not belong to the University of Girona).

The staff at the office of the secretary will answer any queries you may have by telephone on +34 972 418220 from 9.30 am to 1.15 pm, or by e-mail at secacad.aellt@udg.edu , or in person if you come to the Faculty.


Enrolment instructions

Access the online enrolment program from La Meva UdG (La meva UdG) and follow the instructions on each screen.Online enrolment guide

Enrolment guides can be consulted online from your academic record.

Subject group places will be assigned according to students’ order of enrolment. When the places offered have been filled, enrolment for that subject group will be closed.

Before enrolment, you must consult the timetables of each subject group online so that you do not have overlapping subject groups. Try to enrol for everything in the same group.


Start of classes

Classes will start on 1 October 2019