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Institute of Catalan Language and Culture (ILCC)

The Institute of Catalan Language and Culture promotes the research and teaching related with the study of the Catalan culture, philosophy, language, literature, arts and history.

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Dr Francesc Feliu

Madrid Institute of Historical Research (IRH)

The Institute of Historical Research is where the majority of the historical research that is carried out at the University of Girona takes place, from prehistory to contemporary times, with an integrating, transversal and multidisciplinary goal. It is divided into three sections: the Rural History Research Centre, the Archaeology and Prehistory Laboratory and the Permanent Seminar of Political and Cultural Studies.

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Dr Elisa Varela

Chair of Contemporary Art and Culture

The Chair of Contemporary Art and Culture aims to promote a space of reflection, debate and research about questions that affect the panorama of art and contemporary artistic thinking from a critical perspective.

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Dr Maria-Josep Balsach

Chair of Sciences and Humanities Dr Bofill

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Chair Bofill

Dr Francesc Miralpeix

Chair of Maritime Studies

The Maritime Studies Chair is proposed as a university authority, recognised by both institutions (UdG and Palamós town council), with the objective that it becomes the platform of study, external image and dissemination of the maritime-fishing activity of the coast of Girona, and of its heritage, social, economic and cultural wealth.

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Dr Joan Lluis Alegret

Ferrater Mora Chair of Contemporary Thought

The Ferrater Mora Chair of Contemporary Thought must be used to stimulate a rigorous interdisciplinary reflection, open in both areas of philosophy and the sciences.

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Dr Joan Vergés

Chair of Geography and Territorial Thinking

The Chair of Geography and Territorial Thinking acts as permanent seminar for study, reflection, research and diffusion of any subject matter related to the world of regional geography and planning.

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Dr Margarida Castañer Vivas

Joan Vinyoli Chair of Contemporary Poetry

On 12 February 2011, in Santa Coloma de Farners, the Legacy assignment document of the poet Joan Vinyoli and Pladevall in Santa Coloma de Farners Town Council was signed. The three children of the poet, Joan, Albert and Raimon Vinyoli Sastre, entrusted to the mayor of the capital of the region of the Selva, Antoni Solà, a bibliographical and documentary fonds of great importance for the study of the work of the poet Joan Vinyoli in the cultural and intellectual context that framed its life.

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Joan Vinyoli

Dr Margarida Casacuberta

Josep Pla Chair

A collaboration of the University of Girona, Group 62 and the Josep Pla Foundation has allowed the creation of the Josep Pla Chair, a centre dedicated to the research and the transfer of knowledge of the work of Josep Pla.

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Dr Xavier Pla

Martí Casals Chair of Rural Medicine and Health

For the purposes of meeting the social function that both the University of Girona and the Museu d'Història de Sant Feliu de Guíxols’ Community of Municipalities for Managing the Medical and Rural Health Space are aiming for, the two institutions proposed creating a Chair in Rural Medicine and Health Studies, as a branch of the University of Girona (UdG) and with permanent headquarters in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

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Martí Casals

Dr Joaquim M. Puigvert

Maria Àngels Anglada - Carles Fages de Climent Chair of Literary Heritage

The Literary Heritage Chair wants to be of an interdisciplinary nature with the common denominator that represents the legacy of Greece and Rome for Western culture.

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Dr Mariàngela Vilallonga

Walter Benjamin Chair of Memory and Exile

Walter Benjamin was a world-renowned contemporary intellectual. His work enjoys widespread interdisciplinary reception in almost all areas of research in humanities and contemporary culture in general. He died in 1940 in Portbou, a victim of the circumstances of European history in the first half of the 20th century. The main goal of the Walter Benjamin Chair is to provide a space for the academic and cultural work in the memory of the figure of Walter Benjamin as well as the historic conditions of the dictatorships, exile and the war in which the life and work of Benjamin are displayed. With the Walter Benjamin Chair at the University of Girona, the aim is to visualise the presence of this figure renowned worldwide, in the territory of Girona, in the sense of an academic projection towards the exterior as well as in the sense of a transfer of knowledge of the work of Benjamin in society. The activities of the Walter Benjamin Chair, then, do not have to be only academic and they do not have to be directly exclusively at the work of Walter Benjamin either. There is a need to delve deeper into the work of Benjamin in all the areas of contemporary culture that Benjamin himself researched: historical memory, the theory of modernity, aesthetics, literary theory and Hebrew studies.

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Dr Maximiliano Fuentes

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