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The institution has to analyse and reflect on the functioning of the centre and how the qualifications given are run. This reflection must be based on both public information and data, the indicators and the qualitative information derived from the SGIQ.

The indicators are the quantitative signs of the evolution of the numerical variables of a degree that pertain to everything from the number of students enrolled to the rate of academic progress. They are a basic quantitative tool used for reflecting on the degrees.

We have the following sources:

  • Monitoring indicators in the VSMA Framework, which can be in the webpage of each certificate. Only those from the last academic year are currently shown. The application ought to be redesigned to show developments and done in a more dynamic and modern way.
  • Data and impact webpage featuring the University’s main management data
  • Educational indicators portal for developing and analysing qualifications (Winddat )
  • EUC data portals and EUC reports