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Activity and impact

The University of Girona has as a mission to create and transfer knowledge, teaching and learning, with the desire to be both rooted in the region and an benchmark in the Mediterranean Pyrenees Region, as well as an institution that ranks well on a European level.

The University of Girona has an explicit commitment that is also an essential feature of its raison d'être: the duty of becoming - and full awareness of being - a higher education, research and transfer institution with a public service vocation.


The University of Girona’s Planning and Assessment Office prepares and publishes official data on activities carried out by the institution.

Enrolled students 15,378  
From outside Catalonia 784 5.10%
Foreign students 1,214 7.89%
Data in 19/04/2021 (Source: Planning and Assessment Office)
Teaching and research staff 1,749  
Foreign students 129 7.38%
Administrative and service staff 752  
Foreign students 21 2.79%
Data on 10/11/2021 (Source: Human Resources Service)

Percentage of UdG teaching staff who have defended the thesis at the institution

  Teaching and research staff (PDI) Teaching and research staff (PDI) Doctor UdG thesis Non-UdG thesis % UdG thesis
Year Women Men Total Women Men Total Women Men Total Women Men Total Women Men Total
2022 811 965 1,776 428 562 990 220 251 471 208 311 519 51.4% 44.7% 47.6%

Calculated for all PDI active at the UdG on 19 September 2022

Evolution of the number and amount of resources achieved for research projects

Bar chart of the annual distribution of resources collected in research projects since 2017, data breakdown in the table below

Annual distribution of resources collected in research projects
Year Number of European projects Number of national/regional community projects Total amount
2017 14 27 €3,993,885
2018 25 126 €11,289,649
2019 21 61 €6,600,035
2020 30 62 €9,926,627
2021 15 73 €10,613,622
2022 9 34 €4,491,165 (estimated for up to 26/09/2022)
Source: GREC_UdG

Qualitat dels estudis de la Universitat de Girona

Per consultar els diferents aspectes de cadascuna de les titulacions cal accedir a través dels enllaços del quadre de titulacions que trobareu a continuació. La informació està estructurada en: 

1. Resultats dels programes:

Dins de la pestanya Qualitat dels resultats dels programes formatiu  

  • Rendiment: Taxa de rendiment (crèdits aprovats/matriculats) 
  • Durada dels estudis: Taxa de graduació en els anys que pertoquen 
  • Abandonament:  Taxa d’abandonament

2. Satisfacció dels estudiants 

Dins la pestanya Eficàcia dels sistemes de suport a l’aprenentatge  

  • Satisfacció amb les tutories acadèmiques

3. Sol·licituds, admissions i matrícules 

Dins la pestanya Qualitat del programa formatiu  

  • Nombre de places ofertes de nou accés
  • Ràtio de demanda de places en 1a opció/oferta
  • Nombre d'estudiants matriculats de nou ingrés

Administració i Direcció d'Empreses 

Arquitectura Tècnica i Edificació 

Arts Escèniques 



Ciències Ambientals 

Ciències de l'Activitat Física i de l'Esport 

Ciències Polítiques i de l'Administració 

Comptabilitat i Finances 

Comunicació Audiovisual i Multimèdia

Comunicació Cultural 

Pla vell:


Disseny i Desenvolupament de Videojocs 



Educació Social 

Enginyeria Agroalimentària 

Enginyeria Biomèdica 

Enginyeria Elèctrica 

Enginyeria Electrònica Industrial i Automàtica 

Enginyeria en Tecnologies Industrials 

Enginyeria Informàtica 

Enginyeria Mecànica 

Enginyeria Química 

Estudis d'Arquitectura 

Filologia Catalana 

Pla vell:

Filologia Hispànica 

Pla vell:


Pla vell:


Geografia, Territori i Medi Ambient 

Pla vell:

Gestió Hotelera i Turística 


Pla vell:

Història de l’Art 

Pla vell:


Innovació i Seguretat Alimentària 


Logística Empresarial 


Mestre/a d'Educació Infantil 

Mestre/a d'Educació Primària 





Publicitat i Relacions Públiques 


Treball Social 


4. Indicadors d’inserció laboral i de satisfacció dels titulats i titulades 

Consulta per Titulacions:

The University of Girona in the rankings

It is well known that the rankings are a reality that all university institutions are devoting themselves to more and more. The University of Girona performs outstandingly in several league tables and does so repeatedly and notably when it comes to research, where its position has been rising year on year.

You can find full information on the league tables from:

The UdG in league tables

The University of Girona in indicators

To achieve a uniform diagnosis of the Catalan university system, the Catalan Quality Agency (AQU) has developed the EUC, a support tool in the evaluation of university education. The EUC provides evidence in the form of homogeneous indicators of academic results, the pre-enrolment process, resource availability, teaching staff, employers and job market insertion, among others.


Evaluation reports on the Catalan University System

In the institutional area, the Catalan University System Quality Agency (AQU) has promoted implementation of internal quality guarantee systems through the AUDIT programme, it has evaluated the affiliated centres that teach qualifications adapted to the EEES and has certified teaching staff educational assessment manuals. 

This website shows the evaluation reports for teaching, on the one hand, and for the centres and universities on the other hand, prepared by AQU Catalonia. Reports on bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees can be accessed by name, by branch of knowledge or by university, while reports on institutions and universities can be accessed by name or by university.

Survey of job market insertion for the graduate population from Catalan universities

Every three years, since 2001, the AQU and the Catalan universities conduct a survey on job market insertion for the graduate population to find out, among other things, the time it takes to enter the job market, their quality of life and also their degree of satisfaction with regard to the education received.

All public and private universities in Catalonia have taken part in editions of the survey, which, owing to its scope and course (2001, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017 and 2020 editions), is one of the most representative and important in Europe. 

Report about University Development Cooperation

This report, prepared by the Observatory on University Development Cooperation, is based on the data provided by universities through a follow-up survey on the subsidies from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC) through its Subdirectorate General of Development Policies. This data is complimented by documents prepared by the university development cooperation group of the CRUE Internalisation and Cooperation (GT CUD) sector commission through its University Development Cooperation Observatory (OCUD).

Evaluation of cooperation grants conducted by Oxfam Intermón

Oxfam Intermón has developed a web platform to facilitate citizen analysis and control of cooperation grants and subsidies. This platform attempts to facilitate exhaustive and agile research, with access to recent and relevant materials that may be of interest to technical researchers, journalists and all those interested in development cooperation.

Ranking of the best Spanish universities in free software

Ranking put together by RuSL, classifying universities depending on their dissemination of free software. Dissemination is measured through IDSL

Last updated: 13/10/2021

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