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Regulations and legal information

You can consult the University of Girona Statutes at the following link.

Through this link, you can access all the regulations in force affecting the University of Girona.

Moreover, you can access the Official Gazette of the University of Girona. This is the instrument which answers the legal requirements aiming to guarantee maximum transparency in the University’s actions, as well as ensuring maximum legal security for the university community by using electronic means to improve accessibility, transparency, efficiency, efficacy and quality.

You can access the BOUdG from the following link or from the e-Office.

Instructions and circulars

Instructions and circulars are sources of administrative law. These documents may be used by an administrative body to direct a hierarchically dependent body.


A judgement is a document which states a technical judgement or an authorised opinion to advise the administrative organ that it has to issue a resolution on a particular matter.

  • See judgements (none available)


A resolution is a decision about a matter that a competent administrative organ takes through an administrative act, which usually finalises an administrative procedure.

Under Article 51.4 of the Articles of Associations of the University of Girona "decisions of single-member bodies in a general or specific area shall be called resolutions".

In this section you can find the current regulatory procedures at the University of Girona, as well as reports and supporting documents generated by the different procedures. 

There are currently no progress.


Last updated 26/09/2019

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