Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences

Timetables and examinations

Academic year 2019-2020


Subjects in English

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences is offering bachelor's degree students the chance to study some of their degree subjects in English.

Students who choose this option have priority when it comes to choosing a destination on the student mobility programme LLP Erasmus, for study exchanges or internships with international companies.

The Faculty subjects that will be taught in English, and that are already indicated on the course timetable, are the following:

In the 2nd year of G.ADE, G.ECO: International economics, Business Economics, Industrial Economics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. These subjects are delivered in English in the group A timetable.

In 2nd course G.CIF: Economy of the Company. These subject the timetables are processed in English in the timetable of the group A. Consulteu and avoid incompatibilities with other subjects of this group, registering them in the afternoon

Electives G.ADE: Markets and organisations, Labour economics, Cultural Marketing, Questions of applied economics.

Electives G.ECO: Markets and organisations, Topics of applied economics, Topics of public economics, and Labour economics.

Electives G.CIF: International rules of financial information, Cultural marketing.

Students on the dual degrees that are enrolled on these subjects in the above mentioned groups will of course also study the subjects in English.

Calendar of examinations