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It is a green cooperative of energy consumption without profit motive with headquarters in Girona, that one renewable is dedicated to the commercialisation and the production of origin energy.
In 2010, a group of persons linked to the University of Girona saw the need to promote the participation of the citizenship in a change of energetic model. In 2011 they started to work and more than 20 persons, persons in charge of the management, the commercialisation and the attention to the 25 000 partners are already at present part of the technical team. With an invoicing of 15 M€ and 33 000 contracts all over the State at the end of 2015, the economic results are positive and it is foreseen to continue growing.

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  • Granel addresses an extensive public, and it is because of that that have opted itself for a lemma centred on the healthy, responsible and conscious feeding, and on the concept of buying the amount that is needed.
  • Each one can serve himself the amount that wants, avoiding a purchase in amount superior to the necessary one. We “wanted to go out of the package, of the waste, and that everybody can buy the amount that it needs; as before”. The dispensers are one of the fundamental elements since they facilitate that each customer serves the amount of product that wants.
  • They have applied the technique of the energetic interior decoration and the feng shui, to improve the flow of the energies that can influence on the welfare and to foster the harmony of the establishments.
  • They are very careful when selecting the franchises and they prefer to grow up slowly, in a way coincident with the slowshop philosophy. From the headquarters, they consider that the team of Granel, the franchises and the producers are a community, and they would like that the clientele also keeps on hearing part. Even though they have had a thousand two hundred applications, they only have 10 franchises.

  • Option for the ecological product and of proximity. 80% they are ecological certified, while many other have all characteristics but are not certified. In the establishments they have the technical card of each product.
  • Elimination full of the plastic: products packed with cornets of recycled paper, bags of potato starch, biodegradable transparent containers and glass containers.
  • They attend to the local production, if it is made with natural criteria, and they make confidence in those small producers that they make or the work and that they keep on making its process, whenever there are some guarantees. The fact of working with small producers entails a greater effort, for the volumes and the need to cultivate a relation of confidence.
  • The short chain is a very relevant factor, since it reduces economic costs, transports and deadlines, even though it requires a major complexity in the management. Only some product as the quinoa or the teas they are not of proximity.

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