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Master in Water Resources Science and Technology

Master's thesis

The Master’s Thesis is a fundamental part of the master's degree and entails the completion of a project, study, report or paper in which students apply, integrate and develop the concepts and skills acquired over the course of the master's degree. The Master’s Thesis concludes with the submission of a written document/report/paper and its public defence in front of an accredited committee.

The master's degree dedicates around 30 credits to practical classes and the master’s thesis; therefore, corporate participation is necessary for the correct execution of the course. Practical classes consist of 300 contact hours, between March and August, at public or private institutions, companies or research centres. Practical classes and the master's thesis may be connected, meaning that in addition to the student working at the company, he/she may carry out a research project in the area to which the company is dedicated. At all times, the student has a tutor from the university, who is an expert in the subject area, who provides guidance about the academic aspects relating to the completion of the Master’s Thesis.