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Master in Water Resources Science and Technology

Access, admission and enrolment

Previous degree requirements

Access requirements

To access this master's degree, students must have obtained an official Spanish university degree or degree issued by a higher education institution of the EHEA accrediting certificate, in the issuing country to access master's degree training as per Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007.

Admission requirements:

Students who are accepted onto the master's degree must hold an official undergraduate or graduate degree in the fields of science and engineering relating to water resources (mainly environmental sciences, chemical engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, agricultural engineering and environmental engineering, which does not exist as an undergraduate degree in Spain but does in other countries), and their academic record and curriculum will be appraised, mainly where the demand for places exceeds the set number (30 students). The option of providing additional training in itself is not considered, as the introduction to water module aims to standardise basic knowledge depending on the student’s previous knowledge. Furthermore, the problem-based learning methodology performed in multidisciplinary working groups makes it possible to argue and link concepts from different disciplines in a practical way, promoting the semi-autonomous learning of students with regard to the limitations that they identify.

Candidate selection:

In the event that applications outnumber available places, the academic and professional record of students will be taken into account. A personal interview is due to be held with candidates to assess other aspects, such as the willingness to learn based on reasoning and abstraction processes, an individual reasoning and working capacity, ability to
interpret results at an advanced level, professional skills or the aptitudes to attain them, the ability to work in heterogeneous groups or the capacity to generate knowledge or to resolve problems associated with this discipline. When selecting candidates, consideration will be given to an equal distribution between the two specialisations (water sciences and technological solutions) in order to facilitate the creation of suitable work groups in ABP.

Therefore, the selection criteria will consist of the following structure:

  • Academic record of the accredited official training, weighted based on the average mark at the university of origin (60 %).
  • Complementary academic or professional training. Certifications or certificates of other complementary training in similar fields to the contents of the master's degree (10 %).
  • Work experience in the subject areas of the master's degree with a certificate from the company confirming the time and tasks carried out or experience in the field of specific research figure in stays at recognised research centres and in publications relating to the master's degree's subject areas (10%).
  • Justified application with letters of recommendation (10%).
  • Interview with the director and representative of the master's degree admission committee (10%).

On this master's degree, preference will be given to candidates who have a university education in sciences and/or similar engineering subjects, to whom a minimum of 60% of spaces will be reserved.

Admission and enrolment

To access the master's degree, you will need to complete university pre-enrolment.

Once pre-enrolment has been completed, the Board of Admission for the Master's Degree will appraise the student’s curriculum to ensure the suitability of candidates in relation to dedication required to continue with education.

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