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Master's thesis

The Master's Thesis (TFM) is compulsory and worth 15 ECTS (375 hours, 300 on-site and 75 for tutorials, the writing of the thesis report and its presentation and defence). It takes place in the second semester in one of the companies, entities or first-class research groups in the water sector that collaborate with the Master in Water Resources Science and Technology. Even though they are two different subjects, the course coordinators recommend that students and the companies and entities combine the TFM with the work placement (12 ECTS) in order to be able to enjoy a longer educational period.

The TFM placement is paid under conditions that are negotiated individually with each company, entity or research group, except where the student’s grant does not allow this, or where the student voluntarily renounces remuneration in the interest of carrying out the TFM in an entity that cannot pay them.

The selection of the entities in which the TFM can be done is the same as for the work placements and starts in the first semester. Companies and research groups post offers on the faculty’s internships platform or pass them directly to the coordinator, who shares them with the students. The candidate is selected by the entity itself (company or research group) once it has assessed the student’s CV and given them the corresponding interview. Once they reach an agreement, the corresponding contract is created which has to be signed by the company, the student and the UdG’s Faculty of Sciences. Where the student does the TFM with a UdG research group, an agreement does not have to be signed. In all cases, a tutor from the company (or research group) must be assigned, in addition to an academic tutor.

The TFM entails a project, study or research work developed by the student in which they apply, integrate and develop the knowledge and skills required in some aspect of water resource management. The TFG is aimed at evaluating the skills associated with the degree and concludes with the presentation of a written thesis, its public defence, evaluation and grading.

The academic tutor of the UdG evaluates the TFM (it is recommended that they get in touch with the company tutor to agree on the evaluation), focusing on evaluating the student’s skills (30%) The designated evaluation panel appraises the written thesis report (35%) and the presentation and defence (35%) of the work. The regulations in force can be consulted in the Regulations governing the Master's Thesis (TFM) for master’s degree students at the UdG’s Faculty of Sciences, approved by the 3/2018 Governing Committee at the UdG’s Faculty of Science on 15/03/2018 and amended at session 2/2023 on 18 May 2023.

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