Gender equality
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Gender Equality

Breaking the glass ceiling

Regulations on educational exemptions to intensify research following maternity leave

Gender equality

Gender equality

Social Commitment Area

The Statutes of the University of Girona make clear our firm commitment to the value of equality opportunities and the fight against all discrimination for reasons of gender. To make it effective, staff at the Gender Equality Unit work to promote and consolidate those values, while raising the gender perspective in all areas of work, study, teaching and research at our university community. We welcome you to this web space, where you will find a brief collection of the main information of interest.

Given the measures set out in “scenario 5, extended closure of the UdG” under the Response Plan for COVID-19 incidences, all solidarity activities and face-to-face training courses organised by the Unit of Social Commitment have been suspended, WE REMIND YOU THAT THE PROTOCOL AGAINST SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS STILL IN FORCE. IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, YOU CAN CONTACT US by phoning the 972419647 or emailing to

UdG Institutional Statement

The annual 25N commemoration, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, invites us again this year to reflect critically on the sickness that is violence against women, in all its different expressions. As part of this reflection, we as universities must take on the responsibility of spreading awareness and channelling reports of violence. Above all, we must act as spaces for social transformation. The universities of today form critical citizens, taking on a determining role in the transformation of the society of tomorrow. It is crucial that in the classrooms of our university community, students are taught the appropriate respect and commitment when it comes to the value of gender equality. 

You can view the 25N manifestoes from the different organisations within the UdG below.   

The University of Girona has for years now been openly committed to promoting education in the value of gender equality, in a cross-disciplinary way across all our areas of competence. Within the framework of the commemoration of the 25N International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, our institutional commitment is made all the more clear by our extensive programme of academic events, which you will be able to consult on this web page. Considered as a whole, these lectures, workshops and training courses have been designed with the aim of becoming spaces in which to reflect and call out the sickness that is violence against women, in all its different expressions. We sincerely hope that they are of great interest to all of you and invite you to take part.