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(G)Innova programme

The aim of (G)Innova is to improve the employability of 45 university graduates from Girona’s counties so they can find sustainable and quality employment, with gender parity, in response to the demand for jobs in the area's enterprises and the entrepreneurial aims of the young people.

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The programme provides for professional guidance and entrepreneurship initiatives, training and prospecting, offering participants the necessary tools and resources for gaining essential cross-cutting ranging and specific skills and increasing their employability or developing their own business project, and which are necessary for innovation in jobs and enterprises, is a key factor for the development, competitiveness and growth of enterprises and the region.

Matching employment supply and demand with sustainability and quality is essential for innovation in business, for competitiveness, growth and the growth and competitiveness of a region and its productive fabric as well as to retain talent.

Over 15,000 students are reading a total of 46 bachelor's degrees at the University of Girona. Every year more than 2,000 students graduate, meaning that every June over 2,000 graduates enter the job market.

Facility Serveis 22, SL provides its knowledge and relationship with the region’s productive fabric and it will be through the relationship of the organisations associated in the (G)Innova project with all these companies that a direct link with the productive sector of Girona’s counties will be established.

UdG and Facility Serveis 22, SL have joined forces to propose a programme aimed at improving the employment prospects of young people with university qualifications based on their interests and aptitudes, according to the demand for skills for meeting the sector’s job needs, and at offering them sustainable and quality employment, thereby retaining talent in the region and boosting innovation in jobs and companies, to improve their competitiveness.

To this effect, the programme proposes the following objectives:

  • Gender parity among the people registered
  • A minimum insertion target of 40%.
  • Improve the employability of young people in line with the needs of the innovation business fabric in workplaces and companies:
    • Guidance in cross-cutting skills.
    • Training in specific skills.
  • To connect the needs of company’s jobs with the employment needs of young university graduates from Girona's counties.

“This project is subsidised by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia, the Ministry of Work and Social Economy - State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and the European Social Fund, within the framework of the Youth Employment Initiative, in accordance with the Singular Youth Guarantee Projects”.

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