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Strategic plans

Reflection, debate and proposals

"Strategic planning consists of conceiving a desirable future and describing the actual means of attaining it".
- R.L. Ackof

The University’s strategic plans are based on the reflection, debate and proposals about concrete subjects, in order to solve problems or promote the potential of the institution. Strategic planning seeks to govern uncertainty, through milestones in the medium and short term. It is structured around the reflection, projection and construction of consensus-based shared actions.


Strategic plan

Governance program

The general lines of the governance programme define the university model that the rector Quim Salvi Mas’s team proposes for the UdG and a set of initiatives that will help to attain this model. That way the governance programme can become a framework document for governance initiatives for the current term of office.

Access to the governance program

Sectoral Campuses

The Sectoral Campuses are relational platforms that seek to proactively facilitate the relationship between companies and institutions in a socioeconomic sector and the University of Girona based on contact a priori and the promotion and maintenance of a continued relationship through a personalised and unique dialogue with the University of Girona.

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Strategic awareness raising plan

The strategic awareness raising plan was designed as how the most suitable tool for sustainably managing the environmental resources available to each of the University’s spaces, in addition to promoting respectful attitudes with the environment in its different fields.

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Plan for equal opportunities between women and men at the University of Girona

At the request of the Woman and Science Committee, the Plenary Meeting of the Inter-University Council of Catalonia officially urged all Catalan universities to start drafting a plan for equality between men and women. The Governing Council of the UdG approved the creation of a Commission for the Plan of equal opportunities between men and women at the University of Girona. Its functions involve starting the process of creating an equality plan, to oversee its implementation, to favour its dissemination and to increase contact with other universities and institutions committed to equality among genres.

Access to the Equality Plan

Protocol of prevention and reaction to sex, gender or sexuality based violence or harassment at the University of Girona

Disability equality plan

The UdG presents this Equality Plan, which not only seeks to promote access and the participation of people with disabilities in the UdG community, but on the need to contribute to the development of a fairer society in which everybody feels represented. The university, as a higher educational institution, must contribute to demonstrating the capacities of people who form part of it. 

Access to the Disability Equality Plan

Framework document on cooperation for development at the University of Girona

In terms of the principles and commitments to basic solidarity established in the statutes of the University of Girona, the institution would like to promote and place activities focusing on cooperation for development in the context of a policy and organisational structure that is clear and stable in the medium-term.

With this objective in mind, the framework document seeks to define a strategy and a setting of which the university community is aware and for agents that, in collaboration with the UdG, carry out their actions in this field.

Access to the framework document on cooperation for development

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