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Goals and competencies

Learning objectives of placements

Supervised professional and/or research placements are designed as the students’ frame of immersion into the professional reality of organisations (public authorities, third-sector private companies or entities) or research groups, for putting into practice, while acting as a professional in training and with the appropriate supervision, the knowledge and competencies acquired during the theoretical and practical training of the Bachelor's and postgraduate degrees. Supervised professional placements will be carried out under the tutelage of professionals with the corresponding accreditation, previously determined by the Master's Degree Board.

Skills that students acquire from placements

  • Demonstrating professional interpersonal and relational skills for work and interdisciplinary-team management.
  • Identifying own learning capacities and the contexts where such capacities are developed more effectively, and using this potential to the full in the service of research and strategic professional development.
  • Applying acquired knowledge and its problem-resolution capacity in new or little-known environments in broader (or more multidisciplinary) contexts relating to its area of study.
  • Integrating knowledge and taking on the complexity of formulating judgements based on information which, being incomplete or limited, includes reflections on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgements.
  • Communicating their conclusions and the knowledge and reasons supporting them to specialist and non-specialist audiences in a clear, unambiguous way.
  • Demonstrating learning skills that allow continued studies in a self-instructional or independent way.
  • Designing and developing creative and innovative proposals and assessing the sustainability of the actual proposals and initiatives.
  • Establishing and maintaining a quality-guaranteeing system for all placements.

Other specific competencies that students acquire depend on the itinerary chosen and the area of specialisation of the centre or centres where they perform their placements, previously agreed under the activities plan to be developed by the student. This activities plan will have to provide for the competencies of the master’s degree agreed to between the student, the placement centre and the tutor responsible from the university and will be signed by the three parties at the beginning of the module, together with a confidentiality agreement and letter of engagement.

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