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Research track

Collaboration with a research group relating to the master’s degree’s subject area


Collaboration with the research group trains students as researchers, mainly in research design, planning and management and at mastering the methodological tools necessary for analysing and assessing the results.

On finishing the practicals period, students will have to present the research group's tutor with a summary report on the activity carried out (approximately 15 more attached pages, where necessary), that will have to include the following sections at least:

  • Description of the group and its lines of research.
  • Description of the practicals: functions, acquired knowledge, developed competences, tasks carried out and level of competence attained, with special emphasis on training in research methods (evidence will need to be produced).
  • Analysis of the professional context and placement possibilities (similar groups, competence and cooperation, networks relating to the group's research area, persons and associations of interest, jobs).
  • Critical analysis of the professional culture and climate of work (values, rules of professional performance, standards of competence and quality, professional relations).
  • National and international trends in the research group's subject matter; the research's projection and applicability.
  • Use of ICTs during the practicals period and search for information on innovative developments used by ICTs for improving the research activity.
  • Analysis and improvement proposals relating to the research training itself (strong and weak points, training, links to professional networks, competences to be developed and ways to do that).

In addition, students will have to deliver at least two summary documents (approximately five folios each) relating to one of the following subjects:

  • Theory framework/state of the issue relating to a research subject of the group.
  • Description and critical analysis of a specific research method or technique.
  • Development and applicability possibilities of the group’s line of research.

Practicals’ marks

  • 50% practicals’ report notes.
  • 20% tutor's assessment of the research group.
  • 20% research documents.
  • 10% justified self-assessment.

The regulations and entire document on placements can be consulted in the subject's intranet.

Assessment documents.

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