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Information about academic and administrative procedures

Online and remote procedures are available on the UdG's intranet. To access it you need to have a digital identity as a UdG student. In-person procedures should be carried out at the academic secretary's office of the corresponding centre or Academic Management Section, depending on each case.

Online procedures

To carry out these procedures you need to go to La meva UdG , enter your username and password, and then go to the Online Secretary's office by clicking on "Personal" and selecting "Academic record".

  • Application to the administration (*)

(*) You can use this procedure to request COVID-19-related deferred payment for enrolment, annulment of enrolment owing to an accident or severe illness and other applications not provided for in the other online procedures.

  • Documentary accreditation
  • Adapting study plans
  • Cancelling sessions
  • Cancelling enrolment
  • Change of studies
  • Communicating / changing bank details
  • Preparation of documentation for the legalisation of subject programmes and study plans
  • Recognised credit transfer
  • Academic record transfer and official academic transcript (CAO)

  • Personal academic certificate (PAC)
  • Replacement degree certificate
  • Application for authentic electronic copy of university degree (e-certificate)
  • Request for academic title and European supplement to the degree (SET)
  • Application for sending European diploma supplement (EDS) (***)
  • Request for official degree certificate to be sent

  • Temporary medical leave from the doctorate programme
  • Temporary leave from the doctoral degree programme
  • Change of time schedule for doctoral thesis: from full-time to part time
  • Change of time schedule for doctoral thesis: from part time to full time
  • Change of direction of doctoral thesis
  • Change of title of doctoral thesis
  • Doctoral thesis commitment
  • Ongoing doctoral thesis report
  • Permission for staying abroad to obtain the international award
  • Doctoral thesis research plan
  • First deferment for completing doctoral thesis
  • Doctoral thesis review
  • Second deferment for completing doctoral thesis