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Early exams for completion of studies

Bachelor's Degree / Master's Degree

Students with a maximum of 30 credits remaining to complete their education may request, within the period established in the academic calendar and at the secretary’s office, that the marking call period be brought forward for pending subjects or modules, to be able to finish their studies earlier.





To be able to request an advancement, the student must have registered for all the credits necessary to finish the degree and to have registered for the pending credits, with the exception of the bachelor's thesis and external placements, in the former call, where these subjects have been assessed as failed. If these conditions are fulfilled, the request will be accepted automatically.


The application must be submitted online, through the UdG Online Secretary's Office.


The application deadline is established in the calendar for each academic year.


To formalise the application, you must access the “Procedures” section of the Virtual Secretary’s Office, to start the generic procedure "Application to the administration", choosing the option "Evaluation and qualification" and specifying for which subject(s) advanced assessment is being requested.




Early exams will consist of the single examination defined in the subject's design. Examination results, appeals and reviews will be governed by the same criteria as those established for the other exams.

Students who have requested an advanced evaluation to complete their studies do not lose the right to attend the ordinary classes in the subjects in which they are enrolled, but they will not have the right to a new assessment in subjects already assessed in the same academic year.



The body competent to deal with requests is, in the case of the teaching given at educational centres integrated with the University of Girona, the dean or director of these centres and, in the case of education given at centres affiliated or linked to the University of Girona, the delegated dean or director.


Once the procedure has been completed, the student will receive an electronic notification with a link to the resolution of the application.

The resolution does not represent the end of the administrative process. An appeal may be lodged with the Rector of the University against the resolution within a period of one month following the day of the notification, in accordance with the provisions of articles 121 and in accordance with Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on common administrative procedure for public administrations.




Regulations governing student assessment and grading processes

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