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Under the Regulations for students’ participation in international mobility programmes during their bachelor's and/or master’s degree studies, bachelor’s and master's degree students at the University of Girona who wish to take part in international mobility programmes must have a B2.1 accreditation for one of the three languages included in the Parla 3 programme (English, French, German and Italian), except where the language of instruction at the host destination is Spanish. Accreditations of students’ language levels must figure in their respective Personal Reports in the UdG's Academic-Information System.

When students apply for places, these third-language accreditations must appear in their respective academic records.

How to have a third-language accreditation entered in an academic record:

  • Attending or passing a B2.1-level (or above) course in English, French or German organised by the Modern Language Service at the University of Girona. Once a student has passed the course, their accreditation will be automatically entered in their academic record.
  • Language-level certification through a free English, French or German examination organised by the Modern Language Service at the University of Girona. Once a student has passed their minimum-level B2.1 examination, their accreditation will be automatically entered in their academic record.
  • Passing a course on the curriculum with at least 5 credits which is taught entirely in a third language. To that end, these courses must provide for the existence of a mechanism, at some time during teaching, for assessing a student’s (oral and written) language knowledge and ensuring evaluations of third-language competence. Passing a course does not imply competence in its associated language level. Accreditations must be asked for through the faculty or school’s Academic Secretariat.
  • Other qualifications recognised by the UdG for third-language accreditation purposes. A student who has one of these qualifications corresponding to the B2.1 minimum level will have to present it to the faculty or school’s Academic Secretariat so it can be entered in their academic record (Check qualifications recognised by the UdG for the purposes of third-language knowledge accreditation) .
  • Passing any other knowledge-specific test which is organised by public or private universities from the Catalan or Spanish university system and accredits B2.1 level at least, in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and endorsed by the relevant bodies. Qualifications need to be shown to the faculty or school's Academic Secretariat.

All mobility places have at least one and at most two associated languages, depending on the language the student will have to study or work in. It will be up to the person responsible for the place at the UdG to decide on the associated language and its required level, which, in the case of English, may not be below the level required for obtaining the bachelor's degree (currently B2.1). As for other languages, the established minimum required is the A2 level, apart from French, which is B1. Even so, where higher, the level required by the host institution will prevail. This information will be provided by the External Relations Office and explained in place offers.

Minimum levels required in general:

  • English: B2.1
  • French: B1
  • German: A2
  • Other languages: A2

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.