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Welcome to the UdG

Language assistance

We want that your stay in ours universities it is to you profitable and that you have a good souvenir.

In the University of Girona the classes are given mostly in Catalan, who, as you must already know, is one of the two official languages of Catalonia, together with the Castilian. So, it is important that you learn some Catalan. You will already see that it is easy, especially if you already have knowledge of any other Romance language.

Before arriving to the UdG... familiarise yourselves with the Catalan!

There are many resources to the network which they will allow you to familiarise with our language and our culture before arriving to Girona.


The speakcat is in a university context a course of set Catalan, with exercises and basic activities that discover the grammar and vocabulary of the language. It also contains exercises and activities related with practical aspects of the daily university life. 

This platform offers four levels of learning of the Catalan: Basic, Elementary, Interval and Sufficiency. Videos, audios, games, activities with animation, can find it... everything thought to make the learning of the Catalan easy.

Conversation guides 

You are of where you are and wherever you go, we want you to enjoy this experience and you to take the opportunity every instant of your stay. In the Guides of conversation you will be able to find from the expressions of use more frequent, until the more practical linguistic resources when finding accommodation or of requesting any formality in the public services and commercial.

            You can also unload the mobile application to:

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Girona Survival Guide

If you have just arrived in Girona, download the Girona Survival Guide! A guide of survival in which you will find all the necessary information related with the search of accommodation, the academic formalities, the functioning of our university, the leisure and the culture in Girona, and some indispensable telephones of contact.        


Catalonia at to click

A collection of links that offer you information on Catalonia. If you are thinking of coming to Catalonia, a good place is a cone to start to prepare your stay. If you are already in our house, you will be able to know more things here about us.

El tarannà català en 80 pistes 

This guide has as an objective to introduce the persons who sell several aspects at a university of Catalonia about the habits and the functioning of the Catalan society: as a person who has just known herself, when he agrees on speaking to somebody about you or about you, properly is greeted to act when they invite us to have dinner...

Catalunya i el món 

Know, in an informal way, cultural aspects between Catalonia and different countries of Europe. The countries that it refers to are: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Countries, Poland, United Kingdom, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic.

When arriving to University... what do we offer you?

The University of Girona plans on a period of reception in every semester, exactly before the beginning of the classes. During these days you have the opportunity to assist what we understand as initial reception, a combination of formative sessions about the Catalan language and culture.

Linguistic reception

With the block Welcome in the UdG, the teaching staff of the Modern Language Service shows you 7 pathways of linguistic survival that they will help you to learn the basic structures and vocabulary to start to move around in Catalan in your daily routine.

Cultural reception

The External Relations Office of the UdG organises a series of sessions and activities that will pass you to the Catalan culture and to the city of Girona and its more nearby environment.

Consult full information on the The Introductory Course where Catalan Language and Culture / Curso Introductorio de Lengua y Cultura Catalanas


Don’t worry, the Languages Service offers you a good option, the A1 Catalan language and culture course. It’s a supervised, self-learning course you’ll find in the Moodle Classroom in the Bedlam portal. 

And if you already know some Catalan or other Romance language, you can also take the A2 level Catalan course, which consists of an online supervised work block from the platform, and an face-to-face conversation block. 

You will find full information in that same website’s Available courses section. 

We want to accompany you during your stay to Girona and to help you to go deep into the learning of our language and to know us better. We propose you two different and complementary ways to make it.

Language exchanges

The linguistic exchange is an informal way to practice or to improve the languages that they already know or that they are learning, in which two persons who speak different languages remain to practice each one the language of the other one.

But it is also a good opportunity to live and to exchange intercultural aspects. Moreover, the programme is provided with academic contents (2 credits of free choice) and offers you to take part in ludic and cultural activities.

Courses of Catalan

As next of the initial education that you have received in the initial reception or if you already have any previous knowledge of Catalan, you can follow a course of level Catalan A2.

This course consist of a virtual block of work tutoritzat from the platform, and of an on-site block of conversation.

You will find full information in that same website’s Available courses section. 

To the Modern Language Service we also offer an extensive range of languages courses: Spanish, English, French and German. 

You can see them in that same website’s Available courses section. 

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