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Skills school


Skills School

*During this exceptional period you will have  all the videos of the online courses we will be giving at your disposal on YouTube.

UdG Employment YouTube - Skills School

Agile Management
With Pere Juàrez

Lean Startup
With Pere Juàrez

Reempresa, the SME sale and purchase market in Catalonia
With Jordi Llens

How to work in cooperation
With Sandra Teixidor

Fancy working in Función Pública?
In charge of staff of the General Administration of the State

Design thinking
With Pere Juàrez

Self-employment: I am what I want to be
With Míriam Planella

Blockchain and cybersecurity for beginners
With Sergi Font

The Chamber of Commerce of Girona supporting young people: Erasmus Programme for Young Entrepreneurs and the Comprehensive Qualification and Employment Programme
With David Coromina and Cristina Cots

5G technology: new work opportunities
With Jara Forcadell

How to speak in public in an effective way
With Carlos Von Oosterzee

Effectiveness in verbal and non-verbal communication. The victory of visual language
With Carlos Von Oosterzee

Non-verbal communication techniques
With Carlos Von Oosterzee

Verbal communication techniques
With Carlos Von Oosterzee

Personal growth as the basis of entrepreneurial success
With Anna Soriano

Personal growth. Emotions are contagious
With Anna Soriano

The main financial products
With Alexandra Planella

Economic control of activities
With Alexandra Planella

The preparation of quotes for customers
With Alexandra Planella

The preparation and interpretation of financial statements
by Alexandra Planella

Web strategies, promotion and advertising on the Internet
With Oscar Cumí

How to devise a digital and Google Analytics marketing plan
With Oscar Cumí

Conflict resolution: arbitration, mediation, legal services
With Sandra Teixidor

Documents from the company’s basic commercial traffic: invoices, delivery notes, orders etc.
With Sandra Teixidor

Commercial contracts
With Sandra Teixidor

Staff recruitment: costs, allowances, etc.
With Sandra Teixidor

Labour regulation of self-employed work
With Sandra Teixidor

The taxation of self-employed workers
With Sandra Teixidor

Introduction to the management of economic activities for businesses and entrepreneurs (II)
With Alexandra Planella

Introduction to the management of economic activities for businesses and entrepreneurs (I)
With Alexandra Planella

Telephone management. How should we deal with claims and complaints?
With Lluís Matamala

With Lluís Matamala

Setting prices. How much is my product or service worth?
With Lluís Matamala

Online sales: E-Commerce
With Lluís Matamala

The Business of Selling. Customer Care and Service. Creation of Loyalty
With Lluís Matamala

How to structure commercial activity as a freelancer
With Lluís Matamala

Personal Branding. Create your own personal brand
With Montserrat Peñarroya

LEGAL ASPECTS in creating a company
With Alexandra Planella

ECONOMIC RESOURCES and funding for companies and entrepreneurs
With Alexandra Planella

Do you have a business idea and want to learn to CANVAS?
With Aurora Armesto

Self-employment: I am what I want to be
With Alexandra Planella

How to work collaboratively
With Sandra Teixidor

SEO. Google Positioning: how to achieve a good position in the ranking
With Emma Llensa

With Emma Llensa

STAFF BRANDING, creates your own personal brand
With Guillem Recolons

Instagram and Facebook Ads
With Oscar Cumí

DIGITAL MARKETING: new trends and marketing micro-influencer
With Oscar Cumí

Business organisation and strategy
With Sandra Teixidor

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea and wish to learn to CANVAS?
Given by Aurora Armesto

How can I tap all the potential in SOCIAL NETWORKS?
Given by Khaoula Boumaaza

Given by Sandra Teixidor

SELF-EMPLOYMENT: Are you what you want to be?
Given by Alexandra Planella

ELEVATOR PITCH. Sell your idea in 90 seconds
Run by Ivo Güell

Designing and drafting an E-MARKETING plan
Run by Oscar Cumí

VIDEOMARKETING: Main strategies and audiovisual platforms
Run by Oscar Cumí

The secrets of the SELF-EMPLOYMENT
Run by Ivo Güell

Useful and efficient NETWORKING 24/7
Run by Ivo Güell

SOCIAL SELLING: how to sell to social networks
Run by Oscar Cumí

NEGOTIATION ON FIRE: how to get closer to an agreed solution
Given by Ivo Güell

LINKED HELPER: Automate your Linkedin profile
Given by Oscar Cumí


  • Teresa Baró, Inteligencia no verbal: Descubre tu potencial de comunicación más allá de la palabra,  Paidós Publishing Company.
  • Teresa Baró, Manual de comunicació personal de éxito, Paidós Publishing Company.
  • Teresa Baró, Saber decir: Recetas para hacer buenas presentaciones en público, Ediciones del Serbal Publishing Company.
  • Susan M. Weinschenk, Presentaciones inteligentes. 100 cosas sobre la audiencia que todo " speaker " debe saber, Anaya Publishing Company.
  • AAVV, Presentaciones memorables, Empresa Activa Publishing Company.
  • Nancy Duarte, Presentaciones Persuasivas, Harvard Review Business Press.



  • Edward de Bono, Los seis sombreros para pensar, Paidós Publishing Company.
    L’èxit en els negocis depèn en bona mesura de la manera com pensem. This book suggests a unique decision-making method that will help you to decide better.
  • Julia Cameron, El camino de l’artista, Aguilar Publishing Company.
    The author proposes a methodology to reconnect with and recover your creativity in 12 weeks.
  • Daniel Goleman, El espíritu creativo, Vergara Publishing Company.
    This book explains the benefits of disruptive, creative thought. Confront specific problems, suggests reducing critical thought to be able to generate new solutions. Suggests exercises to be more creative.


  • Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, Generacion de Modelos de negocio, Deusto Publishing Company.
  • Eric Rise, El método Lean Startup, Deusto Publishing Company.
  • Steve Blank and Bob Dorf, The entrepreneur's manual, Booket Publishing Company.
  • Fernando Trias de Bes, El libro negro del emprendedor, Empresa Activa Publishing Company.

Useful links


  • Pilar Jericó, Worry or influence? (Daily article The Country)
    We all have two ways to contemplate what happens to us: from the worry and the complaint or from our capacity of influence or leeway. It’s up to us to decide between the two. The author shows us the benefits the second option brings us.
  • Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, Madera de líder, Empresa Activa Publishing Company.
    Teaches the keys to the new type of leadership. Leading means taking a deep breath, knowing how to see and use the best of ourselves and also the people in our team or the people around us.
  • John C. Maxwell, Las 21 leyes irrefutables del liderazgo, Lidere Publishing Company.
    It explains us the 21 laws that every good leader has to know to guide a team correctly, not as much from the ego, but from the desires to learn, to help the other ones, to grow and to make the other ones grow.
  • Jorge Cuervo, Mejor liderar que mandar, Libros de cabezera Publishing Company.
    Nowadays, the managers face environments of a lot of uncertainty. In this situation, the most recurrent question is as bringing to the teams to generate opportunities and take them the opportunity? How can you find the way forward in such a diffuse environment? The book explains how to be a better leader to be able to guide teams in these changing environments.
  • Jorge Cuervo, Qué hacer con mis miedos, Libros de cabezera Publishing Company.
    At present, the world is uncertain, and complex, everything is changing. Our usual way to obey to the pressure is insufficient. The author teaches us how to transform our fears to become our best allies to face the future more confidently.
  • Daniel Goleman, The practice of emotional intelligence, Kairos Publishing Company.
    In this book Goleman expose, next of its Emotional best seller La Intel·ligència, a more practical vision of the competences that configure the pattern of success behaviour: self-supervision, empathy, etc.
  • Stephen Covey,  Los 7 hábitos de la gente altamente efectiva, Paidós Publishing Company.
    It shows us a clear outline to reflect on the way to be truly effective: we have to have personal leadership, interpersonal leadership, an empathic communication, a creative cooperation, among others.
  • Pilar Jericó. NOMIEDO. Alienta Publishing Company.
    Talks about the effect fear has on organisations. At present, we are in an environment of change in which we have to face challenges: the author teaches how to overcoming the fear that it generates the uncertainty and learning to offer the best of us once we have overcome this emotion us.
  • Alan Pease. El lenguaje del cuerpo, Amat Publishing Company.
    It makes us a very pleasant and practical itinerary about the non verbal communication.
  • Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee. The New Leaders: Primal Leadership [El líder resonante crea más], Editorial Plaza & Janés
    A key book to understanding leadership and learning about the different styles of leadership.



  • Xavier Roca, Desmárcate, Libros of cabezera Publishing Company.
    This is a manual for having a successful personal brand. It will support you through defining your brand, validating it in the market and communicating it. You will succeed in being seen as a very valuable person.
  • Raquel Gómez Hernández, Como vender su marca personal, Conecta Publishing Company.
    This is a guide to teach people how to stand out, how to find their biggest talent and communicate it, and how to take responsibility for their professional and work destiny.

Webinars about personal branding

  • Personal Branding Lab Day (5th edition)
    For 8 hours, you will learn how to convert your personal brand into the best marketing tool, how to promote your brand with a blog, and how to manage your professional image 4.0, among many other subjects of interest related to personal branding.



  • Joseph O’Connor, Andrea Lages,  Introducción a la Programación Neurolingüística, Urano Publishing Company.
  • Joseph O’Connor, Andrea Lages,  Coaching con PNL, Guía práctica para obtener lo major de ti mismo y de los demás, Urano Publishing Company.
  • Vicens Olivé Pibernat, PNL & Coaching una visión integradora, Rigden Institut Gestalt.
  • Anthony Robbins, Poder sin límite, Debolsillo Publishing Company.
  • Job skills
  • Key skills > Interactive Dictionary
  • Transferable Employment Skills
  • Skills test
    With these tests you will be able to self-assess the following skills: Self-assessment tools: resisting pressure (self-control), interpersonal relations and customer-orientation, and planning and organisation.
  • CLOE tool
    The Catalan Public Employment Service (SOC) has a tool known as CLOE which will help you to define your professional objective. This objective must be defined because it is the first step in the job seeking process. At the end of the test you will have a report with your professional profile.
  • Test of entrepreneurial competences evaluation
    You will be able to evaluate your entrepreneurial competences and they will also give you suggestions of how to improve them. You can do this free test online.
  • Entrepreneurial behaviours assessment test
    This questionnaire consists of 55 questions that analyse different skills.

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