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What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

The creation of new companies represents, undoubtedly, one of the biggest sources of progress in today's society. Entrepreneurial initiatives do not appear from nowhere. Behind every entrepreneurial project, every company, there is an entrepreneurial event, a business owner and an entrepreneurial project.

An entrepreneur is someone who organises, manages and assumes the risk entailed in beginning an entrepreneurial project. An entrepreneurial event can be understood as value creation.

To create this value, a business opportunity must be developed and turned into a company that focuses its activity on production and generates collective wealth in the search for entrepreneurial profit.

An entrepreneur is someone who is constantly forced to assume risks, as their money is involved and, almost always, the money of others, such as partners, banks, suppliers, as well as the future of their employees and their families. In being compensated benefits greater than those that would be obtained through other investment alternatives are expected.

To be an entrepreneur means to find opportunities and to throw yourself into transforming them into companies.

Entrepreneurs have a fundamental role to play in developing and improving societal welfare.

Although common features have been found in the majority of people able to be entrepreneurs, there is no consensus on the characteristics of an ideal or excellent entrepreneur.

The most specific personality traits of an entrepreneur are those that are key elements when explaining the success of initiatives.

Source: Employment guidance, URV Publications

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