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Curriculum Subjects offered for 2023-2024

Cultural-tourism management15 credits

Advanced inter-disciplinary training12 credits

Cultural players and policies9 credits

Research methodologies6.00 credits

Name of subject Type Credits Duration Offer for 2023-2024

Tècniques qualitativesTécnicas cualitativas Qualitative techniques  (3501MO1737)

OPOptional 3.00 AAnnual YES

Tècniques quantitativesTécnicas cuantitativasQuantitative techniques  (3501MO1738)

OPOptional 3.00 AAnnual YES

TurismologiaTurismologíaTourismology  (3501MO1739)

OBCompulsory 3.00 AAnnual YES

External practicals6.00 credits

Name of subject Type Credits Duration Offer for 2023-2024

Pràctiques externesPrácticas externasPractical placement  (3501MO1901)

OBCompulsory 6.00 SSemester long YES

Master's thesis12.00 credits

Name of subject Type Credits Duration Offer for 2023-2024

Treball fi de màsterTrabajo fin de másterMaster's thesis   (3501MO1740)

OBCompulsory 12.00 AAnnual YES

UNITWIN-UNESCO module (optional)

Tourism Management of World Heritage Sites

This module is jointly taught in several universities taking part in the UNESCO Unitwin network “Culture, tourism and development” whose headquarters is at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University of Paris.

The module consists of 5 subjects. The subject that conveys the module is Tourist Management of Heritage and World Heritage Sites. The other subjects linked to the module dedicate 1 session to dealing with some subjects relating to World Heritage Sites (WHS) and carry out linked-case activities and/or studies.

The module is complemented with a field excursion that is compulsory for students who want the degree. In addition, students will have to do work on a world heritage site, prepared jointly with the various subjects and presented after the field excursion.

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