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Scholarships and grants

Academic year 2023-24

General scholarships and UdG grants


Carolina Foundation scholarships

The FC Training Programme is aimed at facilitating and promoting the application of university graduates’ studies, as well as specialisations and updatings of knowledge acquired by postgraduates, researchers, artists and professionals hailing from Latin American countries, members of the Latin-American Community of Nations and Portugal.

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EQUITAT Scholarship

Master's degrees that enable their holders to exercise regulated professional activities; master's degrees with recommendations granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

If you meet the requirements for an Equitat scholarship, for reductions in university-credit prices, you may be entitled to a 5%-to-25% discount. To be able to benefit from this discount, you will have to apply and have been refused a general scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The Equity scholarship for reducing university-study credit prices is applied for by filling in an online form.

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General MECD scholarship

If you meet the requirements, you will be exempt from paying the public prices of subjects that you have enrolled in for the first time and, as applicable, other grants.

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University of Girona Grants - Banc Santander (International)

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University of Girona Grants - Banc Santander (National)

Students from the Spanish educational system holding a certificate that offers them access to a master's degree and who are pre-enrolled on any of the official master's degrees at the UdG or on a joint master's degree coordinated by the UdG and who have paid the pre-enrolment fee and meet the requirements of the call.

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Grants from the Calonge-Sant Antoni Chair of Gastronomy, Culture and Tourism, University of Girona

Aimed at: Students pre-enrolled on the University Master in Food Biotechnology or the University Master in Cultural Tourism, specialising in Gastronomy, at the University of Girona.

Amount: 6 grants of up to a maximum of €3,500 (partial or total amount of enrolment).

Requirements: pre-enrolment on a master’s degree included in the call for grant applications and having paid the pre-enrolment fees as well as those in the call. 

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Other Grants

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