Master in Intelligent Robotic Systems
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Master in Intelligent Robotic Systems (MIRS)

Intelligent Robotic Systems

Master in Intelligent Robotic Systems (MIRS)

Master's degrees in technology

Unlike industrial robots that operate in factories, in isolation and where the environment is predictable and adapted to the robot's task, intelligent robotic systems must cooperate with or replace humans in complex tasks and in unstructured and often unpredictable environments. The Master in Intelligent Robotic Systems (MIRS) is a university master's degree that aims to train a new generation of engineers who will develop new applications and tools to extend the capabilities of these intelligent robotic systems, in the near future. The technology behind the development of these systems comes from different areas of knowledge such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, control, sensing, machine learning and others, all of them under rapid evolution in the current digital revolution. The MIRS is a two-year master's degree with 120 ECTS promoted by the UdG. 

The University of Girona is already participating in a master's degree in Intelligent Field Robotic Systems (IFROS). IFROS is an interuniversity master's degree with Erasmus Mundus mention coordinated by the University of Girona, with the participation of the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and the Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary) and with more than 20 partner institutions offering stays and master's thesis collaborations. With the MIRS master's degree, it is intended to give students the opportunity to pursue a master's degree in intelligent robotic systems entirely at the University of Girona while working together with the part of the IFROS master's degree that is carried out in Girona. This joint work should bring out synergies between the students of both masters as well as with the institutions associated with the IFROS master, providing the MIRS with a higher degree of internationalization and excellence.

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