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Master in Inclusive Education - Addressing Diversity


The supervised professional-practicals module is designed as a framework for immersing students in the professional reality of diversity education, where they will be able put into practice, acting as professionals in education and under suitable supervision, the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the theoretical-practical training of their Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Given that students holding the Master in Attention to Diversity in Inclusive Education will be able to develop their activity not just as specialist professionals in educational centres and services but also as researchers in the area of the attention to diversity and inclusive education, the master's degree provides for two types of placements, called professional placements and research placements.

The professional placements consist of directly and actively taking part in an educational intervention project at a centre, in order to improve attention to diversity.

As part of the training offered through supervised external placements, students are expected to:

  • Find out about the structure and purpose of the services and institutions these placements are carried out in, as well as the basic documents that the service’s or institution's activity is established on.
  • Be capable of systematically observing the performance of professionals in different educational, social, community contexts, etc. Collaborate with them when considered appropriate.
  • Diagnose special educational problems and needs and design intervention proposals specific to inclusion and normalisation, especially for specific groups, and be involved in activities that encourage development and learning in these individuals.

Research placements involve the student participating directly at a research centre or group at the UdG or elsewhere. In research centres or groups, students are included in a project, as part of a team and line of research. As part of this type of placement, students are expected to:

  • Find out about the structure and functioning of a university or non-university research centre.
  • Find out directly about a research project relating to attention to diversity and inclusive education, through their participation in the team’s meetings and other activities carried out during the placement period.
  • Take part in educational research tasks within the framework of the research team.

Placements are supervised by a tutor assigned by the Master's Degree Coordination Department and a tutor assigned by the centre at which the placement is being carried out. They coordinate with one another to monitor the student. At the end of the placement, the tutor at the centre draws up an assessment report following the templates indicated by the Master's Degree Coordination Department. University tutors assess students on the basis of on the following elements:

  • Assessment reports drawn up by tutors from centres where the placements are being carried out
  • Monitoring carried out during placement periods, through tutorials held at the university.
  • A dossier that students compile during their placements.

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