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Addressing diversity

Learning objectives

The general objective of the master's degree is to contribute to the education of professionals acting as catalysts in educational communities where they work, to foster inclusive education and improve the educational response to the educational needs of children and young people.

The objectives of the Master in Inclusive Education - Addressing Diversity are as follows:

  1. Provide education on theoretical advances in educational inclusion and attention to diversity, applying them to the development of inclusive practices.
  2. Provide an advanced education on educational attention for the diversity of students and their educational needs, and the educational challenges of educating students from vulnerable groups, with social, emotional or behavioural needs from the perspective of educational inclusion. 
  3. Develop knowledge and skills to promote learning among all pupils, identifying and reducing barriers to learning and participation, developing contexts of education-learning that acknowledge the difference and value of diversity, fostering the involvement of children and young people in learning and developing the necessary supports to provide a response to the diversity of students. 
  4. Improve educational research skills in the field of inclusive education and attention to diversity.  

Thus, the intention is to train skilled, expert professionals who are capable of:

  • working within the complex situation involved in attention to diversity in inclusive education;  
  • Considering problems and carrying out quality initiatives that lead to the resolution of problems using existing resources in the territory;
  • assuming responsibilities and developing educational projects for children and young people with different educational needs.

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