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Grow your company at the UdG Park

The perfect environment in which to set up a company

The UdG Park is the perfect environment in which to set up a company. An extensive and diverse range of spaces able to house start-ups, incubator companies, consolidated companies, departments of small and medium enterprises or divisions of big companies, as well as many other options.

Equally, the UdG Park is the ideal space for company landing in Girona (soft-landing), providing space and logistics support, as well as the environment and services required to create centres of production, logistics or commercial delegations in Girona for companies from all over the world.

At the UdG Park, you can also find spaces perfect for conducting working meetings, conferences and events, either social or commercial. (See: Organise your events at the UdG)

There are several types of spaces available for the installation or set-up of companies on a rental basis:

Co-working allows you to share an office and equipment, to conduct professional projects independently. A space with business services equipped with Internet and access to the UdG Park's shared services.

Co-working is a very good option at the conceptualisation and launch phase of any business. Contact with other companies also fosters the development of joint projects. Entrepreneurs can start developing their business idea in a meeting space with other entrepreneurs who have decided to make their dream come true. 

Business spaces equipped with basic services, which allow different options to be combined: office, laboratory and workshop.

Offices. The offices are modular spaces that can be expanded. They are pleasant spaces to work in and have the benefits and comforts typical of a modern and well-equipped office: air conditioning, lighting, telephone and computer stations. The following modules are available: 45 m2 in the Business Centre - Giroemprèn modules; 35 m2 or 80 m2 in the “Jaume Casademont” building; and 28 m2, 45 m2 or 74 m2 in the “Narcís Monturiol” building.

Laboratories. The Business Centre - Giroemprèn building has a space dedicated to laboratories measuring 45 m2 each, modular spaces which may be expanded. The spaces have the typical laboratory and office supplies.

Workshops. The Business Centre - Giroemprèn building workshops measure 75 m2 and are made up of modules comprising two parts with a one-metre height difference between the two areas. The upper part has three work stations (telephone and computer stations) and water. The lower part, more typical of a workshop, allows direct access from the street for loading and unloading, and has: water supply, compressed air, telephone and computer stations and three-phase electrical power supply. All premises are air-conditioned and ventilated.

The workshops in the “Jaume Casademont” building measure between 44 m2 and 175 m2. Each module is made up of two areas; the workshop and an attic. The attic has three to eight work stations (telephone and computer stations) and water. The workshop area has direct access from the street for loading and unloading, and has: water supply, compressed air, telephone and computer stations and three-phase electrical power supply. All premises are air-conditioned and ventilated.

Spaces suitable for facilitating the soft-landing of global companies.

To facilitate landing for international companies, spaces can be rented on a permanent or temporary basis, with spaces available to rent for weeks or months. The UdG Park thus adapts to the current market needs and offers soft-landing services to foreign companies to foster their growth and their future location in Catalonia, and especially in Girona.

Spaces for meetings, conferences and events, either social or commercial.See: Organise your events at the UdG.

Companies at the UdG Park enjoy the following technical and support services:

Data services

  • Internet connection with high-speed bandwidth (1 Gb) through the "Anella Científica" (the Catalan Internet network for R&D institutes, universities and research centres), with network redundancy. CSUC.
  • Full WiFi coverage across the entire UdG Park.

Research Technical Services

  • The University of Girona's Research Technical Services , located at the UdG Park, with six units:
    • Chemical Analysis Unit
    • Molecular Biology Unit
    • Materials Characterisation Unit
    • Microscopy Unit
    • Statistical Advice Unit
    • Thermal Analysis Unit
  • For companies in the biotechnological, biomedical and bio-food sectors, there is a laboratory space shared among the various users - in both research and business fields - equipped with high technology and infrastructure.

Business Landing Service

  • Information and knowledge on Catalonia, Spain and the European Union.
  • Information and advice prior to positioning to assess the possibilities, benefits and problems in terms of project implementation. This facilitates the right decision-making process for each company.
  • Support during the implementation process (advice for legal and official formalities to establish a company and any other actions to be conducted in Catalonia) and advice for accessing financial support during different phases of the process of setting up manufacturing.
  • Access to network of partner advisers and consulting firms (lawyers, staff selection, business centres, transportation, outsourcing, accounting experts, etc.).
  • Access to standardised suppliers

Internationalisation support

A proprietary network to facilitate internationalisation

The UdG Park is part of the Tech Park Alliance network of European parks, a value-added soft-landing service fostering internationalisation. The network allows the users of each park to access the technological markets through the relevant agreements.

The goal is to act as an internationalisation support tool, which allows other countries to open up markets, establishing new contacts on an international scale and exploring new business opportunities.

The network offers free office space in another ecosystem of European innovation and advice services from the destination park to facilitate access to the international market.

The service is offered to park users, companies, research centres and institutions associated with the initiative.

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