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To assess future graduates and master’s students in a real work environment

All bachelor's and master's degree courses at the University of Girona include external placements to be conducted within companies and institutions.

Placements offer the company an opportunity to assess future bachelor's or master's degree graduate in a real working environment in terms of professional competencies.

S’entén per pràctiques externes l'acció formativa desenvolupada per un estudiant en qualsevol entitat, pública o privada, nacional o estrangera, amb l'objectiu d'aplicar i complementar la formació adquirida, apropar l'estudiant a la realitat de l'àmbit professional en què exercirà la seva activitat professional i desenvolupar competències que afavoreixin la seva incorporació al mercat de treball.

All placements completed by students in work environments such as companies, institutions, associations, foundations, organisations, etc. are considered external academic placements in companies and institutions. Enrolment at the UdG is required to be considered a student. External placements are formalised through placement agreements (collaboration framework agreements with the company and, afterwards, an individual educational cooperation agreement for each student hosted). 

When placements are related to the studies in which the student is enrolled, they are known as Academic Placements. These are completed under the supervision of an academic tutor and carry academic recognition. The company in turn also assigns a tutor to the student. 

When they have no formal relationship with the studies, they are considered Non-Academic Employability Placements. They then do not enjoy any type of academic recognition. This type of placement also allows you to take on staff without any contractual ties, since all external placement methods are formalised through agreement.

  • External placements are formalised through placement agreements (collaboration framework agreements and individual educational cooperation agreements). 
  • The relationship between the company and the student is not contractual. The nature of the placement agreement is academic. 
    • The relationship derived from a placement agreement can be rescinded and/or expanded at any time.
    • The company or institution defines the training project, the duration, the preferred timetable and the desired student profile.
    • Students on academic placement receive academic monitoring and follow-up from a member of teaching staff/tutor.
    • During placements, students are covered by the university's insurance.
    • If you opt to financially reward students - something which the UdG encourages - payments can be considered operating expenses and are tax deductible.
    • Non-Academic Employability Placements are always remunerated.
    • For non-remunerated placements, there are no Social Security expenses. Remunerated placements, however, will require payment of Social Security (Spanish Royal Decree 1493/2011 of 24 October), at a much lower rate than any other employees.
    • Should the company, in agreement with the student, decide to continue the employment relationship, the previous period of collaboration would not condition any future contractual relationship.

  • Counting on individuals with a university education who can contribute the knowledge and skills acquired at university, ability to work and learn, adaptability, ICT knowledge, new ideas, etc.
  • Enables you to evaluate, in real working conditions, candidates you may wish to hire in the future
  • A chance to train and recruit new talent, young qualified persons who can bring new ideas and up-to-date working dynamics.
  • Reinforces your company's image and reputation through collaboration with a high-quality public teaching institution like the UdG.
  • Being recognised to all effects as an organisation that collaborates with the university.
  • If you belong to an economic sector aligned with any of the University's focuses, you could access the relevant campus services and take part as a full member in the activities organised there.
  • Professionals tutoring external placements can obtain a certificate of individual collaboration and receive a UdG identification card, which gives them access to multiple advantages.

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