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In line with section V of the Faculty of Tourism Regulations approved in session 4/09 of the Governing Council of 30 April 2009 and amended in session 1/2013 of the Governing Council of 27 February 2013, the Academic Councils comprise:

  • Course coordinator (Chair).
  • All full-time academic staff in the Faculty who teach the degree.
  • A part-time representative of the academic staff in the Faculty nominated by the other staff to the Faculty Board.
  • A representative from each department not represented.
  • A representative of the students from each year or module chosen for and from among representatives and sub-representatives. 
  • If required, a staff representative staff who teaches the course for each of the represented languages.

This composition applies to:

  • Bachelor's degree in Tourism
  • Bachelor's degree in PiPR
  • Master in Tourism Management and Planning
  • Master in Cultural Tourism
  • European Master in Tourism Management