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Access to doctorate programs

Academic year 2024-2025

Online pre-enrolment needs to be completed to access a doctoral programme. Generally prospective students must have an official Spanish bachelor's degree certificate or equivalent, plus a university master's degree or equivalent, providing that they have passed at least 300 ECTS credits across these two courses.


See the access requirements

Check that you meet the access requirements for doctoral programmes


Online pre-enrolment

See the calendar on the School of Doctoral Studies website and access the UdG’s online form.

It is recommended that you do the pre-enrolment even if you are not sure that you will later enrol. The candidate must choose the doctoral programme and, within this programme, the line of research in which they want to work. They must also propose a thesis supervisor.

The pre-enrolment is only valid for accessing the academic course requested. If this is not the case or the corresponding enrolment is not done, the pre-enrolment process must be done again.

During the pre-enrolment process, the academic secretary for the School of Doctoral Studies will check whether the applicant fulfils the access requirements (for example, if they have a bachelor's degree + a master’s degree). RD 99/2011 establishes the access requirements.


Academic committee and enrolment

Once these checks have been made, the academic committee of each doctoral programme applies their own admission requirements (for more information sees the “Admission criteria” section for each doctoral programme) to decide whether or not to accept the research trainee onto the doctoral programme.

Students with scholarships or predoctoral contracts will be accepted automatically onto the doctoral programme by proving that they meet the access requirements.

The academic committee will be able to request bridging courses which must be passed during the first academic year.

In all cases, if the master’s degree obtained does not include any research work (for example, the University master's degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education and Upper Secondary Education, and the professional master’s degrees), the Academic Committee will ask for bridging courses to be completed in the form of introduction to research courses (research methodology), which add up a minimum of 3 ECTS credits if they are master's courses, or 30 hours if they are courses offered by the School of Doctoral Studies or the Josep Pallach Institute of Education Sciences.

If the candidate is admitted, the academic committee agrees to the line of research chosen and assigns a thesis tutor at the UdG. The decision will be communicated via the School of Doctoral Studies. 

To make this admission effective, training researchers must complete the corresponding enrolment procedure. 

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