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Access to doctorate programs

2020-2021 academic year

To access a doctoral programme you must do the online pre-enrolment, accrediting between 60 and 120 ECTS credits at the official university master's degree level or equivalent.


See the access requirements

Check that you meet the access requirements for doctoral programmes


Online pre-enrolment

See the calendar on the School of Doctoral Studies website and access the UdG’s online form.

It is recommended that you do the pre-enrolment even if you are not sure that you will later enrol. The candidate must choose the doctoral programme and, within this programme, the line of research in which they want to work. They must also propose a thesis supervisor.

The pre-enrolment is only valid for accessing the academic course requested. If this is not the case or the corresponding enrolment is not done, the pre-enrolment process must be done again.

During the pre-enrolment process, it will be checked whether the applicant fulfils the access requirements (for example, if they have bachelor's degree + a master). RD 99/2011 establishes the access requirements.

Once these checks have been made, the academic committee of each doctoral programme applies their own admission requirements to decide whether or not to accept the research trainee onto the doctoral programme. If they decide to accept the candidate, the academic committee agrees to the line of research chosen and assigns a thesis supervisor. Depending on the type of access, they can request bridging courses.


Academic committee and enrolment

If the access requirements are fulfilled, the Academic Committee of the corresponding doctoral programme will grant or deny the student admission onto the doctoral programme in accordance with the established admission requirements:

  • Students with grants or predoctoral contracts: these students will be accepted automatically onto the doctoral programme.
  • Students without a grant or a predoctoral contract and those who plan to request this: the criteria specific to each doctoral programme will be taken into account (for more information, see the “Admission Criteria” section of each doctoral programme),

The decision will be communicated via the School of Doctoral Studies. If they decide to accept the candidate, a line of research and a UdG thesis supervisor will be assigned

To make this admission effective, training researchers must complete the corresponding enrolment procedure.