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The University of Girona, a Health promoter

In 1986, the Ottawa Charter for the Health Promotion established as one of its five priority areas of action for promoting health “the creation of environments that support health”. Universities meet several of the features of these environments, given that they are centres of work and study and institutions of special significance for scientific, social and cultural development.

As a matter of fact, the impetus towards healthier and more sustainable universities is gradually establishing itself in universities. It is becoming key, therefore, to boost the university as a health-promoting environment for the university community and society as a whole, to foster health promotion in the fields of teaching, research and knowledge transfer and to establish alliances and networks for offering services, programmes and activities aimed at promoting the health of students, lecturers and administrative and service staff and society in general.

Made up of the Sports Service, the Social Commitment Unit and the Occupational Health Office, the Work Group has the goal of «integrating, planning and implementing a shared health project with a commitment to coordinating with the initiatives and strategies that are already being implemented under its wing».