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Decree-Law 22/2021, of 5 October, modifying Article 211 of Act 2/2014, of 27 January, on fiscal, administrative, financial and public sector measures, regarding accreditation of a third language on the part of bachelor's degree students at Catalan universitiesprovides for, among other things, more flexibility in demonstrating their knowledge and skills in third languages.

Moreover, the Governing Council of the University of Girona, in session 8/2021, agreed to amend the regulations for third languages in bachelor's degree studies.See the full text of the agreement (eBOU-12/2021) .

Third-language accreditation channels at the UdG:

  1. Obtaining a recognised certificate or having a degree that exempts them from accreditation in accordance with the Agreement of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia in force. It will be responsibility of the UdG’s Authorised Teaching and Students Committee, once it has seen the report of the Modern Languages Service, to keep this information up to date, as well as to assess the acceptance of other certificates not included in the Agreement.
  2. Obtaining a certificate showing the passing of any specific test of knowledge confirming at least the level achieved in each qualification report, organised by state or private universities from the Spanish or Catalan university system, in accordance with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and endorsed by the relevant bodies. In the case of Spanish universities, certificates will have to bear the seal of the Association of Language Centres in Higher Education.
  3. Have obtained at least 9 ECTS corresponding to UdG study courses or recognised activities taught entirely in a third language.In that case, all the activities included in assessment of the subject, must be carried out in the third language in question.
  4. Prepare, take pass the bachelor's thesis in a third language. 
  5. Staying at a university or foreign company within the framework of a mobility programme or under an educational-cooperation agreement where activities are held in the three languages mentioned above, for accreditation purposes, by obtaining of a minimum of 9 ECTS or a minimum stay of 2 months of practicals. If necessary, the stay’s assessment activities will have to be carried out in the third language in question.
  6. Teaching subjects of a third language tat accredits the required level or above, according to the bachelor’s report or with the supervision of the Modern Languages Service.


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