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Quality of Life Research Institute (IRQV)

Lines of research

Five macro sections

Research in the IRQV is structured into research groups, each one of which has one or more lines of research of interest that are divided in to five macro sections:

  • Childhood, adolescence and family
  • Welfare and quality of life
  • Specific social groups
  • Methodology
  • Other social welfare subjects

Lines of research open to collaboration

Childhood, adolescence and family

  • Welfare, satisfaction and aspired-to values (researchers: Mònica González and Sara Malo).
  • Audiovisual media, teenagers and adults (researcher: Sara Malo).
  • Children’s rights (researcher: Mònica González)
  • Psychopathology, personality and quality of life (researcher: Mònica González).
  • Psychosocial, socio-educational intervention and quality of life (researcher: Mònica González and Sara Malo).

Welfare and quality of life

  • Sexual behaviours of risk and prevention in the face of AIDS, other STIs and undesired pregnancies (researcher: Montserrat Planes).
  • Behaviours of risk and prevention in driving vehicles (researcher: Eugènia Gras)
  • Addition to substances and to activities (investigators: Sílvia Font and Fran Calvo)
  • Emotions, stress, health, pain and quality of life (researcher: Montserrat Planes)
  • Welfare and quality of life in ageing (researchers: Maria Aymerich, Mònica Cunill)
  • Processes of loss and grief (researcher: Maria Aymerich)
  • Research in teaching in Health Psychology (researcher: Montserrat Planes)
  • Emotional welfare: evaluation, promotion and intervention (researchers: Maria Aymerich, Mònica Cunill and Fina Patiño)

Specific social groups

  • Social inequalities (gender, class and age) and civic engagement (researcher: Teresa Cabruja).
  • Male violence/institutional violence (health, education, etc.)/examples of micro-male chauvinism: psycho-sociological dimensions (researcher: Teresa Cabruja).


  • Assessment of preventive programmes (researchers: Eugènia Gras, Silvia Font, Montserrat Planes).

Other social welfare and health subjects

  • Cognitive and emotional processes. Neurology and learning (researcher: Sílvia Mayoral).

Lines of research open to collaboration

You can contact the main researchers in each line of research.

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