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Research Group on Ecology of Inland Waters (GRECO)

Conservation and management of aquatic ecosystems

Line of research

Permanent researchers: Dani Boix, E. García-Berthou, Stéphanie Gascón, R. Moreno-Amich, Xavier D. Quintana, Anna Romaní, Sergi Sabater, Anna Vila-Gispert, Lluís Zamora

GRECO has participated significantly in European LIFE projects and other restoration and conservation projects, with strong interaction and support for town councils and other local administrations and companies linked with the management and treatment of continental waters.

The group has coordinated the Life Pletera project  (LIFE13 NAT/ES/001001) on de-urbanisation and the recovery of the ecological function of the Pletera marsh, a partially urbanised zone on the Costa Brava coast. Previously, the group coordinated two LIFE projects: “Restoration and ordering of the lagoons and coastal systems of the Baix Ter” (LIFE 99 NAT/E/00 6386) and “Recovery of the habitat of amphibians and Emys orbicularis in the Baix Ter” (LIFE04NAT/ES/000059).

In addition, we have carried out work within the framework of the following LIFE projects:

  • “Restoration of the aquatic environments of Porqueres and Banyoles” (LIFE03 NAT/E/000067)
  • “Mediterranean temporary ponds. LIFE PONDS: management and conservation in Menorca” (LIFE05NAT/ES/000058)
  • “Conservación de stocks genéticos de Aphanius iberus en la Región de Murcia” (LIFE04/NAT/ES/000035)
  • “Recovery of habitats of the Ter river (Riparia-Ter)” (LIFE08 NAT/E/000072)

The group has also promoted the edition of the collection “Research and Territory” , which includes monographs about specific subjects, bringing together knowledge that allows support to be given for the management of natural coastal spaces. Details of these LIFE projects and the volumes in this collection can be found on the website for the Chair of Mediterranean Coastal Ecosystems .

Publicacions representatives:

Bagella S., Gascón S., Caria M.C., Sala J., Mariani M. A. & Boix D. 2010. Identifying key environmental factors related to plant and crustacean assemblages in Mediterranean temporary ponds. Biodiversity and Conservation 19: 1749-1768

Carmona-Catot G., Moyle P.B., Aparicio E., Crain P.K., Thompson L.C. & García-Berthou E. 2010. Brook trout removal as a conservation tool to restore Eagle Lake rainbow trout. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 30: 1315–1323.

Gascón S., Boix D. & Sala J. 2009. Are different biodiversity metrics related to the same factors? A case study from Mediterranean wetlands. Biological Conservation 142: 2602–2612.

Ruhí A., San Sebastian O, Feo C., Franch M., Gascón S., Richter-Boix À., Boix D. & Llorente G. 2012. Man-made Mediterranean Temporary Ponds as a tool for amphibian conservation. Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology 48: 81-93.

Sabater S. & A. Elosegi (eds.) 2013. River Conservation: Challenges and Opportunities. BBVA Foundation.

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