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Research Group on Ecology of Inland Waters (GRECO)

Limnology of lagoons and Mediterranean marshes

Line of research

Permanent researchers: Dani Boix, Stéphanie Gascón, Xavier D. Quintana

Reference website:

1. Limnology of temporary ponds

Temporary patterns in the structure of the animal community and its relations with environmental factors, such as the duration of the hydroperiod, salinity or the composition of nutrients;

Comparative study of the faunistic biodiversity in temporary waters in different Mediterranean zones;

Interrelation between composition of fauna and flora in temporary aquatic habitats;

2. Limnology of coastal lagoons and salt marshes

Dynamics of nutrients and organisms (planktonic and benthonic organisms; primary and secondary producers) in temporary and permanent coastal lagoons and salt water beds;

Comparison between ecosystems of fresh water, brackish and salt water. The role of isolation in the ecology of Mediterranean coastal lagoons;

Trophic interactions and trophic networks in coastal lagoons.

3. Analysis of the structure of aquatic communities

Comparison between focuses of taxonomical and functional approaches to studying the structure of communities;

Approach based on organism size in studying trophic interactions in aquatic communities;

Spatial and temporal changes in the structure of the community. Nycthemeral migration. Selection of shelters and microhabitats.

4. Conservation and management of aquatic ecosystems

Evaluation of the ecological state of shallow lacustrine ecosystems, in accordance with the Water Framework Directive;

Restoration of habitats and evaluation of results of restoration programmes;

Limnology of newly created ponds.

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