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How do I enrol and register?

Quick guide to accessing and enrolling on bachelor's degree studies


Previous requirements

In general, to access bachelor's degree courses you need to have a high school completion certificate, a vocational certificate, a diploma or equivalent.

If you do not have any of these certificates, you can use one of the access pathways for the over-25s.

You can also access bachelor's degree studies if you already have a university degree or if you come from an educational system abroad.


Entrance tests

If you have completed your upper secondary school education, you will be required to pass selection tests, also known as university entrance examinations (PAU), for university admission.

PAU consist of a general, compulsory level and a specific, voluntary level, in which you are tested on the subject areas linked to the branch of knowledge of the bachelor's degree you would like to apply for.

If you have already completed a bachelor's-degree cycle (CFGS), you can direct admission to the university without the need to pass any tests. For bachelor's degrees where there is more demand than places, you can improve your entrance score by passing the specific university entrance examination (PAU) stage.

From the age of 25 on, and if none of the above cases applies, you can enrol through the university's access portal for entrance exams for over-25s , over-40s (with accreditation of work experience), or over-45s .

To gain admission to certain bachelor's degrees, you will also need to pass a specific personal aptitude test (PAP). The inscription is also formalised through the Portal of access to the university.



Once you have passed the corresponding tests, if appropriate, for admission to the first year of university studies, you will have to complete your university pre-enrolment.

Pre-enrolment is also formalised through the university's admissions portal . You can request up to eight preferences in order of your degree of interest. Each preference corresponds to a centre of study (bachelor's degree + university).


Assignment of places

Each centre’s student places are granted starting with pre-enrolled students with the highest entrance grades and by order of grade until all the places are filled.

Whenassigning places, a general quota of places and some reserve places for specific groups are established (over-25s, over-45s, university graduates, disabled students and high-level or high performing sports people).

Once you receive the results of the assignment of places, if you have not been assigned your first preference, you can accept the place or wait for the next assignments and reallocations to attempt to get a place higher up on your list of preferences.



Once you finally accept a place assigned to a UdG study centre, you will receive an email with the necessary information for enrolling.

Enrolment is carried out online at the University of Girona, through the online enrolment app, from a computer with an Internet connection.

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