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Access to degrees for over 25s

2020-2021 academic year

People over the age of 25 who meet the set requirements can access the university by taking a specific entrance exam, which is common to all the universities in Catalonia, and completing the university pre-enrolment form. The steps to take are as follows:


Become familiar with thestructure of the entrance exam.

Register and sit the exam within the established time period .


Once you have passed the exam, complete the university pre-enrolment on the University Access Portal within the established time period. For some courses, it is also necessary to pass a personal aptitude test (PAT).

It is very important to complete the university pre-enrolment properly and to put the courses you wish to study in order of preference. The student may choose up to eight preferences, although it is not necessary to fill in all eight if you do not wish to do so. Before completing the pre-enrolment, ensure you are familiar with the courses on offer, the pass marks for previous years and the career opportunities they lead to.


Wait for the allocation of places. The established steps need to be followed very carefully, depending on whether the place is allocated in the first round of allocations, the second or during the reallocation phase.

Students who pass the university entrance exam participate in the pre-enrolment stage as part of the general quota of places. Students with disabilities or high-level or high performance sports people can apply for the reserve places.


Enrol within the established time period once the place has been allocated; otherwise the student will lose their place.