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All innovation starts with research (knowledge creation) and the consequent development of applications. Most scientific and technological research is conducted at universities, where all academic staff are researchers. 

The Research Cluster of the Composites Campus is made up of research groups of excellence recognised by the Government of Catalonia, which belong to various university departments and research institutes. They focus expertise on fields such as lightweight structures, advanced manufacturing technologies, innovation in civil engineering and construction, materials of natural, biomimetic and bio-inspired origin, composites and lignocellulose-based nanocomposites, the synthesis, simulation and applications of compounds on a nanoscale, design for energy and resource efficiency and the design of functional and multi-functional materials and products.

The UdG can conduct your research or technology development project without you having to invest in facilities and sophisticated equipment or hire research staff.

If you are an SME, the UdG can act as your company's R&D&I department and help you to define your project from the very beginning, orientating it to the innovation you need.

The UdG counts on extensive experience in taking part in R&D&I projects in collaboration with national and international companies and institutions. If you are thinking of conducting a collaborative R&D&I project, the UdG can help you to:

  • Find a technology partner to contribute specialist knowledge
  • Find companies in other countries with a recognised solvency that want to take part in a European project, thanks to our international working network
  • Advise you on project outline and management, offering you technical support if a UdG research group takes part in the research
  • Access grants for collaborative projects aimed at research centres and universities

The UdG guarantees you total confidentiality of any information provided or generated during the project, through a contract if required.

Get in touch with the Composites Campus, Alba Mignorance (Tel. 972 49 94 99) to arrange an initial meeting with the Campus’s Science Director and specify the collaboration’s details.

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